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5 Key Reasons to Invest In a Copywriter for Your Website

Copywriters help create content that drives and attracts people to you.

We all want leads right? Yes, please. People who find you without you having to put in the hard work. (Ahh, bliss!) All you need to do is convert them.

A copywriter does many things for your business

· Creates content for your social media platforms

· Writes compelling copy for your website

· Creates landing pages with a call to action that’s vital to your business revenue

· Helps in organic lead generation. If a lead comes to you without paying for advertising  (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram), then this is“organic.” No advertising costs? This sounds like a smart business decision to me.

-Builds your online exposure

-Creates your brand as trustworthy

-Transforms your brand into an authority in your industry

Moving aside from social media posts, lead generation and organic and paid ads, let me tell you why a copywriter is crucial for your website’s success.

Your website is the heart of your business

A website is the mothership of your marketing strategy. Your mission is to drive people towards it. Your site is the key to all the juicy information about you and your business.

There is no official count of the exact number of websites on the internet, but it’s said to be over 1 billion. So, in today’s competitive marketplace, that’s a lot of clutter for your business to push through and get found.

In saying that, if you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing many great opportunities for your business. Your website is the centre of your online presence. Through your site, you promote your brand via social media, podcasts, YouTube, the list goes on.

So, let’s think about this. What’s on your website?  Videos, images and words. If you can’t write these words well yourself, then you need a professional copywriter.

You need to know how to write a compelling call-to-action

Usability is vital in getting people to stay on your website. If it’s not user-friendly and more importantly word-friendly, then people will leave your site.

You have about 20-30 seconds to convince someone that your website is the right result for what they searched and found.

Now that’s a short amount of time, 20-30 seconds to tell someone these three crucial things,

· What you do

· Who you do it for

· Why you do it better than anyone else.

The copy on your site has to be crisp, enticing and compelling to get your visitor to stay and take action.

Remember the role of a copywriter is to write with the purpose to sell. Find out more here. 

You need to write in your brand’s voice

It’s hard enough to write compelling copy if you’re not a professional, without having to worry about writing in your brand’s voice. Do you know how your ideal client speaks? Do you write in 1st person or 3rd person? Do you talk to one person? What is the active and passive voice? A professional copywriter’s training has the experience and knowledge to answer these questions. On top of this, a copywriter knows the right tactic in which to write for your brand.


Conversational copy

It’s no secret that we like someone speaking to us. People want to know that there is someone that identifies with them and can help. This reason is why copywriters use conversational copy to appeal to your website visitors. A trained copywriter will acknowledge a problem and explain why and how they can help fix it. Formal writing doesn’t fit with the copy on your web pages; it’s not compelling enough. “Creative and captivating writing is key” thank you, Miss Anstey, for drilling that in my head back when I was 12. Remember the 1 billion other websites on the internet? I bet some of them have some captivating copy. So, get your website to reach out and connect in an instant with your visitors. Otherwise or they won’t care about what it is that you have to offer.


Have quality content that connects with your visitors

Don’t be a waste of Cyberspace.

Quality content gives you an edge that wins you a customer/client over your competition. It builds your brand and makes you look trustworthy. In what is often a marketing secret as few people are aware of this, but, people buy when they trust. The depth of the trust varies, but there must be at least a base level of confidence in place before anyone spends a cent. So, its quality content that’s pivotal to capture your audience, gain their trust and evoke action. Build trust by telling a story about your business. Draw out emotional responses from your visitors and most of all, get them to like you. Oh, and Google values a trustworthy brand too. Read more about that here. ( link to SEO and EAT blog).

So, finally.

A copywriter selects the right words to inspire action.

You’re running a business which means you want to make money and what you want results from your website.

What other reasons can you share below about why you need a copywriter for your website?

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