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Copywriter Or Content Writer?

Who else wants to know the difference?

And, which one’s right for your business.

Don’t worry, if you’re like most people you’re probably not sure of the difference between a copywriter and a content writer.

That’s ok, let’s clear that up below. You know you need someone to help you with your words but which someone do you need?

They both serve an essential purpose for your business and how you promote.

Let’s have a look first at both definitions.

What’s a copywriter?

Copywriting is the art of writing words for advertising and promotional materials, with the purpose to sell. Such writing is in the form of web copy, emails, brochures, magazine ads, newspaper ads, television commercials, radio ads, billboards, media releases, Facebook ads and Google ads.

The desired outcome of copywriting is to get someone to take action. Usually, the action wanted from copywriting is a sale. Copywriting to me is the art of persuasion in words. A copywriter is a person who’s able to emotionally pull at readers’ heartstrings and is acting as a salesperson via words.

What’s a content writer?

Content writing is creating words that add value about what your industry is, and how you can best help others. At the same time, it increases your brand awareness and creates you as an authority in your businesses sector. These words come in the form of Ebooks, reports, guides, videos, email newsletters and social media posts.

The desired outcome is to add value to your audience, help them with their problems and connect with them. On top of this, Google loves content too. So, what does that mean? You need content, and the more, the better.

Is copywriting outdated?

Perhaps it should stay with Donald Draper and his endless empty whiskey bottles.

Heck no. Because in today’s increasingly complex society we have information everywhere. This information goes far beyond the traditional mass media that we all grew up with.

Think back, remember when you would ride an escalator and the armrest would be ad after ad moving by you? Think of today like this, but everywhere. We’re still presented daily with billboards on freeways and roads, giants building murals and logos as far as the eye can see.

On top of this, we stare at our mobile phones for hour upon hour with information consuming us at every which way. This access to information happens instantaneously. As we scroll for endless hours through our Facebook page, then we flick to a google search and then to our Instagram feed, all within the blink of an eye.

Today more than ever with all the messages in our faces we need persuasive words to tug at our emotions. We also need something immediate and accessible for us to take action. Alternatively, we are going to scroll down and forget one second later who you are and that you were ever there. So, today the art of persuasion through words is more urgent than ever before.

So which is right for your business?

Yes, content writing and copywriting are both essential and imperative in your business’s marketing strategy.

Businesses use content writing to engage with an audience and build their authority in the market place. Over time your audience will grow to love you, then come to you, because they know your face and trust you. A good content writer is also a great storyteller and writes many valuable posts without the mention of your brand or “selling” you. Selling is not the instant result wanted from content writing, remember that.

Copywriting is imperial in appealing to potential clients emotions. Copywriting lures people in through persuasion but not sounding “salesy.” Yuck, no one likes salesy words beaming at them in their facebook feed. Alternatively, when they open a website as they’re searching for the perfect dog groomer. Searching dog groomers, show me which ” 4-legged certified organic pink frosted rose” smelling flavour my dog will love, right? Not quick, buy now, 50% off, sale, now, buy shout, scream.

Correct, you need both, But you need a little bit of both. 

Quite simply, they’re both right for your business, and they’re both critical. Copywriting is content, but content writing isn’t quite copywriting. Try saying that sentence fast 5 times.

Together copywriting and content writing is the power couple for your business. You’ll benefit from both for your business as well as when you’re presenting your brand online. Yes, they’re both imperative for the branding and marketing of your business.

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A good copywriter can slip persuasion into content writing and create a call to action without screaming it in your readers’ faces. This skill will get your desired client to take the action that you want for your business.

What do you think? Do you have a current content marketing strategy?

Share your thoughts below.

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