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Easily Reuse Your Content for Social Media

Yes, you’re a goldfish.

Which means you can repurpose content you already have because most people won’t remember it.

In today’s competitive marketplace you can’t afford to have a business that’s not visually everywhere. By everywhere, I mean across highly used social media platforms.

So back to being a goldfish.

According to a study by Microsoft, a human’s attention span is at its lowest ever. I guess we can thank technology for that right? The average attention span of a human is now 8 seconds. This span has decreased from 12 seconds back in 2000 when we were paying attention for longer.

What does this mean? Get out there so people can see you, everywhere. Grab people’s attention across various platforms before all the humans forget you. Don’t worry though because you have a plethora of platforms in which to do this. For example, once someone’s finished scrolling down their Facebook feed after seeing you they may forget about it. But they’ll see your gorgeous face again in their Instagram feed a small 10 seconds later. Phew!

What is repurposing content?

Today more than ever is the time to show who you are and what you’re about on social media. However, don’t stress; it’s easy because there is the art of repurposing.

Ok, great re-purposing, but what is that?

It’s the craft of taking content you already have, (aka your new blog) and recycling it. By doing this, you’re reaching more humans in different ways through different platforms. Let’s see these ways below.

Appeal to the visual lovers with an image and some colour

Get a quote (or three) from your blog post and stick it on an image. Creating this is so simple to do. There are free platforms like Canva that makes the process flawless. Follow these simple steps and ideas below.

• Place the quote over the top of a watermark / faded picture or block colour

• Select the text colour that matches your brands’ colours for consistency

• Don’t forget to pop in your logo too

These quote images are for use across various social platforms. Spice up your text twitter feed with a picture, and Instagrammers love an excellent quote post also. Don’t forget to pop the link to your blog under the Twitter image to direct your readers to your blog and website.

One last note, you can also take 100 characters from your blog and Tweet it. There’s another bit of content to post on a different day.

How many social media posts have we created already?

Turn it into a video, and yes this can be as simple as reading my headline.

If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to watch a video than read a long text post. According to a study done by WordStream.com, 45% of people watch more than 1 hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.

That’s many humans watching many videos. For this reason, content marketers alike say that 2019 is the year for video content.

If that’s the case then let me share my secret platform with you, LUMEN5 and even the free version is brilliant. The platform uses what it calls a natural language processing index technology. This technology selects phrases from your blog and places them in order.

Follow these simple steps below,

  • Paste the URL of your blog into your dashboard and hit enter.
  • Watch your created video.
  • Want a few changes? You can then select thousands of stock images and videos.
  • Select your colour scheme.
  • Change the text.

It indeed is this simple. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Connect with your audience on a personal level through a Facebook live

As I said above, and I’ll repeat it, 2019 is all about video.

So, get onto a Facebook Live and chat about your blog to your followers. Please share with your audience why your blog is outstanding, why they need to know your knowledge and why you created it to help them. You can even create a few days worth of lives from one blog.

Let’s see why this strategy is so powerful.

•    Facebook tells people that you are live, yes that’s right your followers get a notification.

•     Facebook lives increase by how much Facebook loves you, because of their engagement level. You are connecting with your followers in a direct way and on a personal level and people like to engage with this.

•    Your Facebook live then goes straight to your story so it’s there and people can see it for the next 24 hours.

•    Further to the above, you now have a video that you can share with other social media platforms.

The best part is that engagement on your page shows Facebook that people like you. Why is this good? As part of its algorithm, Facebook sees that you’re loved and pushes your content out to more people to see you.

Share a snippet of your blog on LinkedIn, this social platform is long text post friendly

LinkedIn is a social media platform where long copy works because people are keen on reading text. So, post a snippet from your blog on LinkedIn.

Social media is all about engagement right? So, pop in a question at the end to get people to reply, give their opinion or discuss. You don’t want the post to flop so get people to comment. A compelling call to action (CTA) is essential across all content shared on LinkedIn. Good persuasive copy generates an emotion in your audience that produces action. A LinkedIn CTA is getting your audience to engage.

Want to know more about compelling copy? Learn the importance and the interlinking of copywriting and content writing here.

Sharing and repurposing parts of your blog is a brilliant way to create bucketloads of content. Content that is at your fingertips already. Use the above methods, and save time in your business. These methods are simple and take little effort. They help expand your online exposure and make you an authority in your industry.

Repurposing your blog through social media is a great strategy that’s like a Mr Squiggle picture. Why? It’s a strategic way that connects the dots, and all the bits and pieces come together to the end product. The blog that is, not blackboard screaming “hurry up” at you.

More than 3 billion people across the world use social media every month. So, utilising social platforms is imperative in your marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect, increase your exposure and generate leads and sales.

And finally, over to you,

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