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Little Known Secrets to Dramatically Grow Your Email List, Fast

Grow Your Email List, Fast

Email marketing is utterly critical for small businesses who want to level-up fast


If you think email marketing doesn’t work. Think again.


As a wise female entrepreneur, Mikala Grosse says, “email marketing is one of the most overlooked powerhouses of automations for your business”, and sadly it’s true. 


Working with many female business owners, it astounds me how many skip this marketing superpower. 


Imagine this. 


Growing an email database, so it’s easy for you to communicate relevant info with your current clients and seize the attention of new ones. 


In an automated way, which means less time spent on your marketing and more time to do the things in your business you want to do. 


Who else wants easy marketing?


Email marketing lets leads to go from a cold to a warm one without you doing anything. 


Can I get a round of applause, please?


It’s like magic because it drives sales for your business without you even lifting a finger.


Mind Blown.


It’s yet another platform where, as a business owner you can

  • Offer education
  • Give advice
  • Help 
  • Get clients
  • Make sales


Its the most cost-effective and useful marketing tool for your business because it doesn’t cost a cent, and once the automation gets set-up, you let it do its thing. 


Understand your target audience as intimately as you know your underpants draw


Email subscribers are valuable leads, and with the right amount of crafty influencing, they can end up loyal clients in your business. 


Because if you’ve nailed your target audience, then you’re attracting in your perfect clients. Those clients who are the ones you want to work with, light up your day and allow your business to grow fast.


Convinced yet?


Now you know email marketing is an exceptional growth tool for your business. So here’s how to increase your email subscriber list and level it up.


Be likable to your audience


First things first, if you want people to subscribe to your email list you want to ensure your brand is on point and your reeling in your ideal target audience.


If people like you and your brand, then they’ll sign up to your newsletter.


It may sound simple, but it’s true. 


So make sure you craft your website to compel the socks off your target audience. And lure them in with a smile, so they’ll be in for the long haul.


Make it idiot-proof to join your email list


In today’s increasingly busy world, you can’t take up time. Which means if your opt-in isn’t simple, then people won’t bother filling in their details.


Ensure the link to enter an email address is embedded in your home page.


Because a link to a sign-up page will draw people away from your site and make the process longer. 


People want things done as easy as possible in the shortest amount of time. 


So to make it as easy as pie and to increase your chance of new sign-ups put the form in a simple to find a place like the right-hand side of your home page. (Yes, people naturally look to the right, so don’t put it to the left.) Or on a sidebar, header or footer.


And next


Make sure you have the smallest amount of info a client needs to fill in possible. People don’t want to give away a lot of information. The simpler your opt-in email form, the more likely someone is to subscribe. 


Don’t leave out the name. Because asking for a name is critical for personalisation in later communications. 


Ask for a name and email address only so you’re making it fast and easy for sign-ups. 


The fewer steps you have in the opt-in process, the less time you’re giving people to lose interest. And the quicker you’ll build your list. 


So, how do you get people tempted to opt-in?


Create irresistible lead magnets


If you’re like most people, then you love free stuff.


So create a free awesome downloadable. A remarkable educational resource you know your target audience needs. 


Through your target audience research, you discovered what problems your target audience are having right? So give them a freebie which will helps solve this problem. 


You can create many compelling resources like,


  • Checklists
  • How to’s
  • E-books
  • Helpful guides 
  • Templates 
  • A webinar
  • An email mini-course 


These downloadable’s will entice your target audience to leave their email address to they can learn something for free. 


Creating learning tools is also an excellent way to show off your talents. 


And it shows new subscribers you know your stuff. 


Make it as helpful as possible so they’ll come back for more. It builds trust and forms your business as an authority. A kick-ass business owner who knows her stuff. (Hey, that’s you!)


Craft a compelling offer


Do you guard your email address with your life?


Of course, you do because you’ve gotten spammed, scammed and annoyed way too much before. So it’s critical to focus on what you’re giving to your target audience in exchange for their email address. 


Leading back to the critical factor of understanding your target audience and what they want so you can give it to them. 


Guarantee your lead magnet is compelling enough your target audience will undoubtedly give away their email address.


Furthermore, I recommend trialling a few offers. Because by creating a few lead magnets, it’s giving you more content to share and it gives you the chance to experiment. Change it up here and there and see which one works best for you.


Engage your new subscribers by thanking them


Remember, people protect their email address, so once they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, it’s critical to thank them and offer confirmation of their email exchange. This further action shows your authenticity and confirms they do want to hand over their email. 


In this step, keep it short. It’s your time to quickly tell your new subscriber what they’ll expect from you. 


  • Thank them for subscribing
  • Tell them you’re thrilled they’ve connected with you
  • Inform them what to expect


Be upfront with the frequency of emails they’ll get from you and tell them they’ll be receiving surprises exclusive only to email subscribers. 



Write irresistible email content 


So, you’ve got them. Thanked, welcomed and communicated what’s coming. 


#Warning. The last thing you want your new subscribers to do is unsubscribe. Ich! 


The word unsubscribe makes my skin crawl. 


So to avoid the heeby jeebies make sure your email content is juicy, irresistible and knocks their socks off. 


Copywriting isn’t your strong point? Not to worry. If you want the words in your emails as irresistible as a string dangling in front of a kitten, hire a copywriter. (Hey! That’s me)


I mentioned email marketing is free right? I did. 


So here’s a way to spend some business dough intelligently. Outsource what’s not in your zone of genius to ensure your emails are doing what you want them to do. 


After all, the result of email marketing and growing your list is to get more clients, so it’s money well spent. 


Encourage people to forward your emails


Throughout your emails, you can encourage your new-found friends and followers to forward your emails.


Another reason I tell my clients about why email marketing works is “emails are action-orientated.”


Picture this. 


You receive an email in your inbox so what do you do? 


You do something, right? Since the dawn of email, we’ve conditioned ourselves to do something with an email. 


Whether you open it, forward it, reply or click on something an email is an action item. Which means asking your subscriber to take action will give your emails better response rates.


If your emails are enticing and you’re offering outstanding learnings then include sharing buttons for your socials or an “email to a friend” button. 


So you’ll get access to their friends who’ll be interested in your content and further expand your list. 


And finally, by following these 7 steps to getting more subscribers,


  • Be likable to your audience
  • Make it idiot-proof to join your email list
  • Create irresistible lead magnets
  • Craft a compelling offer
  • Engage your new subscribers by thanking them
  • Write irresistible email content 
  • Encourage people to forward your emails


You’re going to rapidly build your list of subscribers, knock their socks off, show off your talent and keep them coming back for more.


Now it’s over to you, 


How do you grow your email list? Do you use any of these techniques?


What works for you?


Find me and tell me here.