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Learn How to Connect With Your Audience

Learn how to connect with your audience

Imagine genuinely connecting with your audience through copywriting. 


The best news is you can. Because copywriting is having a conversation with your reader so if you can talk, you can write copy. 


It’s that simple.


“Listening is more important than talking.”


I got told this as a child, and it stuck with me for life. Because if you truly listen then what you say will count so much more. 


And every good conversation starts with listening. Why? Because people want to get heard. Don’t you? I know I do.


So what does this mean for copywriting? 


When you write, do it in a conversational and friendly tone. Because your audience will feel you’re hearing them, connected with and included.


Copywriting is having a conversation with your readers. So if you listen to them, you can reflect their language and connect with them through your words. 


How do you listen to your audience?


There are many ways you can do this. Firstly, find where they hang out online and discover how they speak. For example, what Facebook groups do they interact with? Search them and read their conversations because you can genuinely listen to them here.


What about reviews? Find reviews on Google, Amazon or comments they’ve left on blogs. Because you’ll again discover how they interact, what conversations they’re having and the language they use. 


Conversational writing is also more inclusive


Think about your audience. Aspects like, their education level, learning disabilities or what they read. Perhaps they’re not interested in big words and long sentences. A conversational tone is more inclusive. And easily consumable. 


You speak in a conversational tone. So how do you write in it?


  • Be clear, short and simple


Remember, people don’t want to read a thesis because they can’t be bothered. Soconnect with your audience be specific with your words. Use short sentences. And use simple words. 


Hint – if you’ve used big words, see if you can swap them for simpler ones. 


Participate – Join us


Understand – know


Utilise – use 


Who the heck says “I utilised my blender last night” Umm… no one ever. 


  • Use inclusive language


The most powerful word in the English language is the word you. Because it’s inclusive, makes people feel special and it’s friendly. Oh, and in copy world, it’s dam persuasive as well. 


  • Use contractions 


It’s your key to the kingdom of connecting with your audience. Because no one says, I am going to the shops. You say I’m going to the shops.


  • Stop stressing about grammar


Forget what your grade 4 teacher told you. And don’t put pressure on yourself by using grammatically correct sentences. So you can drop your writing overwhelm and transform your brain into a copywriter’s mind. 


Do you speak grammatically correct?


Nope. I know you don’t. Because I don’t. And it’s not common to do it in the English language. 


  • We speak in short sentences
  • Then we may talk in paragraph length
  • Split it up with a sentence
  • And then ask a question too 


Think about how you speak and write that way. 


But don’t get too carried away. Because you still need correct spelling and know obvious grammar rules like the difference between there, their and they’re. 


Hear your grade 4 teacher in the back of your head now?


  • Speaking of asking questions 


Do this. Why? Because questions keep your writing engaging. Think about when you have a conversation with someone. But in this case it’s your reader, they feel included and compelled to listen (read on.) You’re connecting with your reader through your conversation.


Why don’t you scroll back up and see how many questions have I asked you so far?


So to connect with your audience,


Remember, listening is more important than speaking. So if you write in a conversational tone, then your audience will feel connected with, included and listened to. 


Because we connect with people through beautiful conversations. So have a friendly chat with your audience and speak to one person (find out more here) using the copy you write for your business. 


Over to you


How do you connect with your audience through your copy?


I want to hear all about it. 


Find me and tell me here.