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Revealed – The Shocking Truth About Email Marketing

The Shocking Truth About Email Marketing

Are you a business owner thinking email marketing is dead? Or, why should you waste time building a list?


Believing this stops now because the shocking truth is in this blog. 


Having an email list is an unexpected superpower for your business. 




Because you can easily communicate with your clients. Tell them about what’s going on and what’s happening. And it lets your leads go from a cold to a warm one. And a converted lead without you doing anything.


Who else wants to do little and gain a lot? You? Yep. I know I do. 


Email marketing is magic because it can drive sales without you having to lift a finger. 


But don’t get too carried away because once it’s all set up and working. Make sure you test and tweak it. It’s not a set and forget situation.


But once running, it’s your superpower in growing your business, nurturing leads and taking care of your clients.


Why is it so transforming for your business?


It builds connections. 


It lets you connect with your potential, current and past clients. 


And it’s a personal way of doing it. 


For example, when you post on social media, people can scroll past you. And they might see what you’ve posted, like it or keep scrolling. 


But think about this. 


If an email lands in your inbox, and you’re interested in the content will you open and read it?


I know you will. Because I do. 


So email marketing builds connections and develops relationships.


It also builds trust


With an active email list of people, you’ll soon discover getting more projects and client work. Because if they’re reading your emails, they begin to open up and trust you. 


And you’ll be top of mind for when they need you. 


It’s free


Music to you ears, right? Probably more so your pockets. 


Email marketing is cost-effective. Many platforms are different, but up to the first 1,000 subscribers, it won’t cost you a cent. All email marketing costs you is your time to write an email.


Easily communicate with your audience 


You can communicate directly about, 

  • What you’ve got on offer
  • What you’re up to 
  • Educate your audience
  • Offer value


Email marketing keeps communication alive. And makes it easier to do it. 


Emails are action-driven


Are you pre-formatted to take action when an email lands in your inbox?


You are. Because you want to open, forward, reply or click on something. 


Emails have an (I need to action this) idea in our heads, which helps with better response rates. 


How does email marketing work?


Start simple. With your current clients and create a small list. And then brainstorm strategies to grow it. 


  • Write a killer lead magnet


To gather email addresses, create a lead magnet. Something helpful your target audience wants in exchange for their email address.

  • Checklist
  • E-book
  • Guide
  • Video
  • 3-day challenge
  • Webinar 


  • Nurture them through an email sequence


Once your audience gets your lead magnet, then let the email automation begin. So in your first email nurture sequence talk about,

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Your business
  • How you can help people


Then begin to educate your audience and offer value. Think of other small bits of information you can show which gives your audience a quick win. 


Doing this shows your value, and you know your stuff. And this is where trust begins to develop.


  • Nurture them towards an offer


The idea of a nurture funnel is to lead your readers towards one of your main offerings. What you ultimately want them to buy.


And to get your subscribers towards your large offering you start with presenting a lower-priced service. 


You want people to buy something smaller from you with their first purchase at a lower cost. So you can begin a relationship with them. 




Because once someone becomes a client, they’re far more likely to return. 


How do you decide what the best offer and lead magnet are?


Understand your target audience. And research matters.


Because through your client research, you now understand your audience deeply, so you’ll discover what problems they have. 


And then you can create a compelling lead magnet to hook them in. 


And through research, you’ll also understand 

  • How to speak to them
  • The information they need
  • What they’re struggling with
  • Their pain points
  • And what action you want them to take


Remember, people purchase something because they have a problem. And they need to solve that problem. 


So if you’re offering the solution to that problem (for free) and deliver it right into their inbox, they don’t need to search for the answer any further.


Remember the don’t set and forget from above?


You need to keep in touch with your subscribers. Therefore aside from nurture sequences, newsletters are a great way to do this. So think about

  • A blog you wrote
  • Something you learnt
  • Information you gathered
  • Social media posts you shared
  • What you’re up to 
  • A book you read
  • Something you find interesting


Most importantly, if these things are relevant to what you do, then your subscribers will find it interesting as well. 


Remember, email marketing isn’t for harassment. It’s there to nurture, communicate and develop relationships with your clients. 


But you need to give before you ask. 


So finally,


Email marketing isn’t dead. 


Think about this. A social media account can get shut down instantly, right?


However, your subscribers on your email marketing list are yours. They can unsubscribe, yes, but you have the email addresses for communicating directly with your clients. 


So you need to nurture your list, build it and take care of it.


Over to you,


Most importantly, got any further thoughts about email marketing?


Is there anything I’ve missed?


Find me here and tell me.