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The Best Website Tips You’ll Read This Year

The Best Website Tips You’ll Read This Year

Did you know, your website is the heart of your business?


Therefore your website copywriting matters because it’s where people connect with you and your business. 

Furthermore, if you’ve got your marketing right, then you can create a website that connects with their hearts. (Read more about this here)

But discover the ultimate website tips here. 


So, how the heck do you creating a heart connecting website?


Well, understanding copywriting is key. More so, website copywriting because it’s an art form of writing.

Which means it’s not,

  • Business writing
  • Legal writing
  • Creative writing


It’s the art of writing to sell something. 


Think about this, you’ve got a business that’s legal or financial so who’s your target audience? Are you speaking to people who want to use your financial or legal services? 


If so, then you’re writing copy here, right? You’re talking to your client and not another lawyer or financial advisor, which means crafting your website copy to sell your services. Not speaking in legal or financial jargon so your clients don’t understand a thing. 


Why is website copywriting important?

Think of your website as the modern-day shop front. 


Many moons (not that many) ago, business was different. You’d start it and get an office or a shop. 


And then put an ad in the yellow pages. That was it. 


But now we need to speak to our potential customers differently and navigate them to your website. And once they’ve arrived, then you need to capture their attention and get them to make an action. 


Most of your promoting is directing people to that website because your site has all the information on it. 


Think of it the new age Yellow Pages ad. 


Remember how much trouble Jan got into when she missed the deadline for the ad?


That’s how important your website is now. 


If you don’t have your website copy right, it’s like not having your ad in the Yellow Pages. Furthermore, it’s where people will make a decision and a transaction. 


So if your website isn’t persuasive and not initiating an action, then it’s not working.


What are the website tips for great copywriting?


Firstly, it must be compelling, real and authentic. 


Then it has to use your tone of voice and be concise. Because it’s not a thesis, and it doesn’t need properly constructed grammar either. 


Why? Because people don’t have time to read pages and pages and pages.


Did it annoy you to read the word pages 3 times?


So get to the point. Be short, crisp and compelling. 


Oh yeah, and use whitespace. 


Which means spreading out your copy. How? By using bullet points, short and long sentences and paragraphs. 


Remember, always keep your sentences short, clear and get to the point. Did I already say that? Yep. It’s a friendly reminder. 


Get the website tips here about how understanding your target audience transforms your site.


Think about this. Are you going to have a business if someone’s not there to buy your product or service? 


Nope. You’re not going to have a business without people. 


Which means intimately knowing your customer avatar. So you can write your website to speak to him or her.


Because once you understand how they speak, how they buy and what their desires are, then you can relate to them. 


They’ll feel understood and discover the solution they need is what you’ve got. 


And then use your superpower navigation skills and direct them into making an action. 


Remember, copywriting is writing that sells. So it needs to compel your people to take action to buy the thing. 


So how do you intimately understand your target audience?


Welcome to the world of the internet. 


The internet has transformed business owners through its stalk-able ways.


How? Because there are many platforms, you can use to understand your target audience. 


Are you in Facebook groups?


I know you are because I am. And so are millions of people. 


So, find the Facebook groups your target audience are in. Then, see how they’re speaking with others and how others are speaking to them. Plus discover how they’re relating to specific topics and certain things. 


In my early marketing days, if there were free platforms like this to understand people, it would have blown my world. 


So use the new-age stalkable-ness to your advantage.


What website actions can you make by the time you’ve finished with this blog?


Here’s the easiest way to transform your website. 


Testimonials. Because the proof is in the pudding.


(I always wonder, what did the person who made that saying find in their pudding?)


A quick way to make your website more compelling is to get testimonials, reviews and happy client stories up.


The easiest way to do this is to speak to your clients and ask them for feedback. Send them an email ask,


  • Why did you choose my product or service?
  • What did you love about the service?
  • What did you achieve from the result?
  • How did the result change you? Your business?


Then, get these testimonials on your site. 


Did you know by people reading reviews it makes your business more compelling? 


It’s true. Because they want valuable guidance from others who already bought from you. And it gives them an insight into the quality of your services or products.


So there’s a simple, actionable way to get your website working as hard as you do in your business. 


Which brings us to the golden question, 


How do you write compelling content?


Here are the website tips you’ve been waiting for. 


It all begins with the headlines. The first 20 – 50 words of your website. 


Because it’s what your target audience sees as soon as they land on your site.


Think about your website home page. 


In a concise way, does it tell people who you are, what you do and who you do it for?


If not, change it right away. 


Because having this at the top of your website tells your target audience, who you are, who you do it for and what you do. 


Meaning, it tells them hey, it’s you who’s got the solution for me. 


Once they discover they’re in the right place, then they’ll begin to scroll down for more information. 


So right after this, jump in with the benefits of your product or service. 


What’s in it for your website reader? 


And what results will they get once they’ve purchased your product or service?


Tell them this. Because once they discover you’ll make their deepest desires come true, then they need to know how to get the thing. 


So you lead them into compelling and straightforward calls to action. 


And don’t have one button directing them somewhere. Have a few and make it obvious what you want them to.


Want the thing? Click this button below to book/buy. (Don’t use the word thing, I wrote it because I don’t know what your thing is.)


So finally. 


Great website writing is

  • Compelling headlines
  • Benefits that tell your readers what’s in it for them
  • Simple calls to action with easily clickable buttons
  • Concise and easy to read sentences
  • Spaced out sentences and paragraphs


Remember your website is the heart of your business.

So it should connect to the hearts of your target audience. And giver a user-friendly experience. 


Over to you, 

Have you had any website copywriting light bulb moments?

I want to hear all about it.

Tell me here.


Furthermore, what more info on creating a juicy, compelling website?


I know you do. So go on and grab my Ultimate Website Checklist and discover what gaps you have on your website.


Kick your feet up, open your website and tick what you’ve got on your site and what you don’t. So you’ll begin the journey of finding out why you may be losing website visitors. And put a stop to it today. 


And my final thought, 


No matter what business you’re in, write your website copy in a conversational tone. Write how you speak so you’ll connect with your audience.