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Feel Stupid When Writing Your About Page?

Writing Your About Page

Here’s how to harness the power for writing your about page

So you’ll turbocharge your writing and transform it to be the number 1 sales page on your website. 


And be as happy with your about page as these macaroons are.


Ok, what? 


Before I lose you, read this shocking revelation below. 


Did you know your about page is the second most visited page on your website?


Mind blown. 


It’s true. But don’t take my word for it, check your website stats. 


But more importantly, think your about page isn’t a sales page?


Think again because it is. And it’s more important than your sales page. 


And it works as your sales machine. 




Because it shows your potential clients who you are and gives them a lightbulb moment of, “Yes, this is the one. The one I have to work with.”


What’s an about page?


Think of it as your brand’s story. If you tell your friend a story about you and your business, you do it in a friendly, fun and conversational way. Right? 


I know you do. Because I do. So write it this way too. 


Why isn’t your new website visitor your friend reading about you and your business?


I’ll let you in on a secret. They could be. And if you connect with them by being your raw and real self. Then they will be. 


So that’s what an about page is. 


But before we get into the juiciness of writing your about page, so it connects and converts. I want to ask you a question. 


Do you struggle when writing your about page?


If so, you’ve not alone. 


Because if you’re like most business owners, then it feels narcissistic and tooting your own horn. So you feel yourself procrastinating even the thought of it. 


But fear not because most kick-butt professional copywriters struggle with theirs as well. 


And why? I’ll tell you a secret. Many business owners are afraid to be themselves. 


Yep. It’s true. Because you think you have to act a certain way if you run a business. 


Sound familiar?


It does to me because I know I did. And for years I thought I couldn’t show the world who I am. 


I’m dedicated to my work, professional but not serious. 


(I’m talking South Park not serious.)


I take things thoughtfully, but I’m light-hearted.


And I’m far from what people (whoever I thought people are) feel is normal. And I’m super weird most of the time. 


Like how I have to close my eyes when I flush a toilet on a plane. Why? Who knows. But it’s me. 


Why am I telling you this?


Because you want to show people the real you. Not pretend, this is business you. The all you. 


Because your business you is you. 


And then one day I had an idea…


I had a lightbulb moment and thought, why am I afraid to tell the world of the interwebs and my clients the stories my best friends make sure I don’t forget. 


Like the time I threw my dirty clothes in the toilet by accident instead of my washing basket.


It’s those moments where you’ve lit up a crowd telling beautiful stories about the time you crapped your bed in Costa Rica. And in front of a classroom full of students, and all over your host mum’s house. (Or, was that me?)


Anyway, you get it.


I’ve always been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. 


And let me tell you. I’ve got an advanced long-term memory.


I remember what went through my head the day my mum dropped me off at 3 year old kinder. And that was, there’s a rocking horse here. This is way better than my house. As I ran away and screamed, “bye mum, horsey.”


Anyway, back to writing your about page. 


Remember when I told you your about page is a sales page. And more important than one?




So then, what goes in your about page?


Let’s start with the goal of copywriting. 


Know this, copywriting has a goal, and it’s to initiate an action from your reader. 


Which means yes your about page is about you, but you’re writing it for your target audience. 


Think about this.


When writing your about page ask yourself the question, “what’s in it for me?”


Place yourself in your reader’s brains. And think, what’s in it for me. (Because you’re the reader)


What does this about page and brand story mean for me? If you can answer the questions. Then you’re on the right track. 


Why should you do this when writing your about page?


Because you’re selfish. 


Huh? It’s hard to hear but true. 


We’re all selfish, which means you think about yourself. So you should write your about page focused on your reader. 


Tell them what’s in it for them if they work with you (you see, you’re writing about you again. But for your reader.) 


And tell them why they’re here. And what problem they have. 


Why? Because they’re on your website as they have a problem. So tell them about it and tell them you’re the solution. 


But agitate the problem a little bit, so you hook them right in. 


Tell them what they’re doing right now in (business, life, exercise. Whatever your thing is) isn’t working for them. 


And poke a stick at their problem a little more by telling them what will happen if they don’t solve the problem. 


How to continue writing your about page


Once you’ve told your reader about them, then it’s time to move onto you. 


Your reader wants to know your story. 


The silly but authentic, real and raw things about you. Because it shows off your uniqueness. 


Then they want to know your why because your why shows your purpose.


And how passionate you are about what you do. As it shows, you’ll dedicate your time and emotion to your clients and work.


This section also includes your mission and values as it shows the type of business owner you are. And the kind of business you run. 


And lastly, talk about your vision. Show your readers what’s next and what’s on your horizon. 


Then you can lead to why they should choose your business. 


Remember when you told them you’d solve their problem? Well, now’s your time to remind them. 


And ultimately, you now know your about page is a sales page right?


Well then, direct your readers somewhere on your website. Because you’ve won them over with your amazingness so tell them where to find you. 


And to get them working with you. Direct your call to action button so they can contact you or to a service which solves their problem. 


Over to you, 


I want to you know, what’s the one struggle you have when writing your about page? 


Tell me here.