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Is Writing Copy That Sounds Like You Your Worst Enemy?

Writing Copy That Sounds Like You

Discover 5 secrets to defeat your writing copy that sounds like you internal war


Are you hiding behind your words?


Don’t panic. Stay with me because it’s ok if you are. There’s no judgment here.


You’re here because you want to write copy that sounds like you.


But let me tell you something first. Did you know I was hiding behind my words? For well, most of my life.


If we’ve just met and you don’t know, I’m a copywriter. Which means I’ve spent years writing in other people’s voices. No matter the business or industry, my talent is writing to sound like them. No matter what.


But then something happened.


I started my own business and struggled to sound like me.


Because I was writing in a way I thought was the right way. I sounded professional yet kept it light-hearted, but it wasn’t me.


So I became trapped. Unsatisfied and discovered myself procrastinating reading other people’s blogs and websites.


To find my voice? Heck. What was I thinking?


But back to you.


Because you’re thinking why am I telling you this?


Ever heard of imposter syndrome? I know you have. Because I had, but I didn’t realise this was what I was doing.


What’s imposter syndrome?


Well, it’s when you do something in your business (marketing and copywriting for me) and dam lady you do it well.


But when you come to do it for yourself. Something goes wrong. Let me share it with you in dot points.


  • You rock at your work, and your clients love you


  • Then you begin doing that rocking work for yourself


  • But you realise something isn’t right


  • It drives you to procrastination to see what other people are doing


  • You start to think you’re an imposter. And you don’t know what you’re doing


  • You begin to doubt


  • You start to beat yourself up in your mind


  • You’re super hard on yourself because you know you rock at this for your clients, but you can’t do it for yourself


  • You start not trusting yourself


  • You then question why other’s trust you


There’s no need for another dot point


Sound familiar?


Sound paralysing?


Oh yes. Let me tell you it is. But I want to tell you a secret.


I had NO idea this was happening in my head.


All I knew was, something isn’t right.


My blogs didn’t sound like me. My website wasn’t hitting the sweet spot.


Writing should connect, educate, enthral and create emotions. My copywriting wasn’t doing this.




Because the missing piece of the puzzle was…da da da daaaaa, me.


I was other people when writing their copy because this is what copywriters do. (Read more here)


But I wasn’t me when writing because I was staying trapped in how I thought I should be in business.


Aaaah. Can I get a hell no?


Once you create your voice in your business and free it using your words, it’s the magic piece of the marketing pie.


Because it connects with your readers and grows your business.


So, then I thought, why can I create a brand voice for my clients but not myself?


I’ll tell you why.


Writing copy that sounds like you isn’t easy.


Again, stay with me.


But let me ask you a question.


Why do you like a person?


  • Their qualifications?
  • Who they work for?
  • What they do for a living?
  • Their business is professional and stuffy sounding?


God, heck no.


It’s because they’re relatable.


They’ve failed. They’ve won.


They’re not perfect. They make you smile and laugh.


They support you. Challenge you.


They’re honest because they’re them.


Ok, enough with writing the word they.


Let’s talk about you.


If this is why you connect with someone, then this is how you start writing copy that sounds like you.


When this lightbulb moment hit, my business took off. I was freely me until the cows came home.


Did you know, cows eventually return to their homes at some indefinite point?


It’s usually slow. Which means you can be you until the indefinite point you choose.




Here’s how to write copy that sounds like you


Here are 5 ways to stop hiding behind your words and write like you speak.


1. Write


Ok, this sounds ridiculous. But it’s the most effective, and I guess super obvious way. The way you’re thinking write it. Don’t worry about editing, going back and changing things, write.


And guess what? The more you do it, the easier it will become and the freer you’ll write.


So, what are you waiting for? Start scribbling your words now.


2. Story tell


Remember when you were a child? You’d gather other children in the playground and tell them stories. (Or was that me?)


Humans connect with stories.


But I don’t mean the time you convinced a bunch of grade 2 girls fairies are real. Because of the elaborate fantasy story you told them was too hard not to believe due to your creativity. And then you got in major (what you think is major at the time) trouble from your grade 4 teacher.


Hang on. Me again. So back to you.


I’m talking about sharing your experiences.


Like the things you’ve done and what you learnt from them. Because sharing experiences is how you connect with others and become human. Not your business. But the human behind your business.


And I’ll tell you something that will blow your mind.


Your business isn’t human, but you make it human. 


Not your logo. Not your services. Because they’re intellectual property right?


But you doing and being you in your business makes it human.


You are what connects, sells and grows your business. 


What makes us unique as humans over other animals?


Our ability to imagine because it translates into storytelling, gossiping and sharing knowledge. And homo sapiens have done this since we took over as the only existing human species on planet earth.


Ok, back to copywriting.


Use the power of sharing your experiences in your writing. So, you connect with your audience.


Which life experiences do you use?


  • Made mistakes?
  • Failed at something?
  • What’s funny?
  • What experiences changed your life?
  • What have you leant and why?


The above experience’s make you human because you regret, fail, and learn. But you come up stronger and keep going. And you do stupid things. I know you do because I do.


So, share these experiences as they make you human, relatable, and they connect with your readers.


But most of all, it develops your tone of voice quickly because you’re writing straight from your heart and mind. And you’ll be writing copy that sounds like you before you know it.


3. Create a tone of voice


Now, I don’t mean sit down and create a decisive 20-page strategy. But through sharing your experience’s write them in a way as if you’re telling someone.


You have conversations every day and the way you speak comes straight out of your mouth. So put it on paper or screen.


Copywriting is friendly writing.


It’s having a conversation with your reader. So, the way you speak is the way you write.


And the more you do it, the more you’ll discover it coming out in your writing.


How do you write like you speak?


Firstly, see all the questions I’ve asked you in this blog?


Why do I do this? Because when you speak, you ask questions. Then you’ll blabber for a while and take a breath.


So this is why I write short sentences. Blab into a paragraph. Back to a short sentence and ask a question or two.


Why should you write like this? Because questions are inclusive. And when you talk with someone you include them in the conversation, right?


Of course. It’s engaging to do so.


A conversation goes two ways. So do it in your writing, and you’ll see how friendly, in your tone and connecting it becomes.


How did I figure out to do this for myself?


Remember when It told you I was writing in a way I thought was businessy?


And then I became disconnected from myself. Yep. So what did I do?


I went back to my business values.


Think about this. Your business values are your values and what you live by.


So write them down and wack them on a sticky note (like I did) on the wall and remind yourself daily of your values.


Because my writing transformed out of business me into me, which means yours will too.


So give it a go. Reconnect with your values and stick by them.


And let them roam free in your tone of voice and your copywriting.


4. Decide 5 things you love 


Right. This one is a golden egg, ticket or trophy. Whatever gold thing is incredible to you.


How do you spend your time when you’re not working, eating or sleeping?


What are things you love either doing, learning or obsessed with?


For me? Animal print, sloths, giant tortoises, sharing knowledge, cooking and going to the beach. (Ok, that’s 6. But I’m a passionate person)


Write down 5 things you love and brainstorm around them.


Are there analogies you can use to infuse these into your copywriting and your brand voice?


Don’t get lost in your stripes. Be the zebra others identify. Let your different lines shine.


How does this work?


  • Something I love is animal print.
  • A value of mine is individuality.


So I chucked this in my writing and hello I’m shinning right through in it.


You can do this too. What are a few things that make you, you?


Write them down. And wack them into your copywriting. So you sound like you.


And here’s marketing tip for you too. (Gosh, I love sharing information)


These few things people will remember because they make you, you.


People know my sloth obsession, and it makes me, me. The weird differently striped zebra.


So find your cherished things and create analogies. So you can let them roam free in your copywriting like a cheetah running through the savannah.


(Ahh. There it is again)


5. Be Yourself


I know this sounds obvious. But it isn’t’ easy.


Like I told you above. I was hiding behind my words because it’s scary being you in the land of the interwebs where everyone can see.


So how do you drop the fear and be yourself?


Be honest. People can smell fake, so the more you’re sincere in your writing, the more you’ll stop hiding behind your words.


So how do you start to be yourself?


  • Pop in a few phrases you say to others in conversation.


You know like, it’s fully sick mate. (16-year-old me lives on.)


  • Write your copy how you speak to your closest friends


You’re honest with your friends. You have their trust, and they have yours.


Do you hold back when speaking to them? Of course, you don’t. So write your copy this way and be your wholehearted human self.


In summary,


If you feel a disconnect because something isn’t right with your tone of voice then start writing your copy like you’re speaking to your friends. 


To connect with your readers and your target audience, you need to be the real you. Not the intellectual property you. But you.


The key to writing copy that sounds like you is to discover what makes you, you.


  • Your stories and experience’s you can share


  • 5 things you love and or hobbies


  • Turn them into analogies


  • Pop in phrases you say when chatting to your friends


  • Write like you’re speaking


Don’t ever feel it’s ok to hide behind your true self. 


Because once you open your true self’s door, your personality will shine through and you’ll be writing copy that sounds like you.


Which means it will do what it’s supposed to do, connect with your readers and develop your tone of voice.


Over to you, 


Do you feel a disconnect? Think your hiding behind your words?


It’s ok if you do. Because you’re not alone. I did, and I’m a copywriter.


Do you want to discover your tone of voice? And begin writing copy that sounds like you?


If yes, I want to hear all about it. Tell me here.