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Here’s how the f**k a copywriter writes to sound like you

A copywriter writes to sound like you

Learn how a copywriter writes to sound like you

Attention-grabbing headline much?

Well, that’s step 1 of what a copywriter does. 

But step 2 is, a copywriter writes to sound like you.

Without the swearing? 

Well, yes and no. it depends on the copywriter and who they’re writing for.

Ok, stay with me here.

Or, if I’ve lost you (then I’m speaking to no-one right?)

Wrong. I’m still speaking to you because you’re here reading.

(More on this later)

Let’s break this down for you.


How does a copywriter sound like me?


Heard about this tone of voice thing?

If you haven’t, then a tone of voice is what a copywriter does. (Hi, there) I write in a way that sounds like you and in your businesses voice.

So, if your business (you) love to swear, then I’m going to chuck in a swear word or 4 somewhere. 

And because this is my blog, guess what? 

I’m a swearer-rer. (How the bugger do you say that?)

And I’ll swear if I want to. Not because it’s my party, because it’s me.

It’s my party, though. 

Is life a party? If you want it to be. 

I want life to be fun. Fun is a value of mine. 

So yes, life (my business) is fun.


But back to you.

I want to explain my dramatic headline into this blog.

As a copywriter, I write copy with a goal.

The goal of copywriting is to get action out of the reader from every single piece of copy you write.

Let’s break it down.

The single piece of copy in this blog is this blog.

My goal of getting an action was to get you to read this blog.

Did I achieve that goal?

If you read the above question. Then yes. Copy goal nailed.

But each piece of copy has a different action intention. 

It could be,

  • Read this blog
  • Sign up to your mailing list
  • Join you waitlist
  • Do your challenge
  • Click this button
  • Buy the thing


As a copywriter, I write each piece of copy to get action out of your reader.

But here’s the shocking-er (there’s that elusive er again) truth.

As I copywriter, my expertise is to write to sound like you. (my client, your business and you)

That’s right. 

The hidden truth of what the heck a copywriter does is to write to sound like you.


Terrified to hire a copywriter?


It’s ok if you are because you’re not alone.

Because it’s the number one thing-me-bob clients say to me is, “how will you sound like me?”

My answer. Yup, because I’m a copywriter. 

And here’s the thing. 

What I do (gee I do a lot) is writing that sounds like you.

Repeat after me,

A copywriter writes to sound like you. 

In your tone of voice. (There’s that thing again)

Yet in a way that also resonates with your clients.

And well, that’s the beginning of the copywriting journey, right?


So, let’s dig in beyond the beginning.


1. A copywriter writes to sound like you


Since I’m getting sick of typing this repetition. 

Let’s address it first. 

And well, it’s point number 1 after all.

A copywriter writes in your brand voice.

What the heck is this tone of voice, now brand voice thing I hear you ask?

Ok, first I’m starting with,


What’s a brand voice?

It’s the personality and emotion you infuse into all communications. 

It includes, 

  • The words you use
  • The language you use 
  • Your personality 
  • Your presence 


Why do you need this?

Because it releases your brand from the field of same-same competitors. 

Same-same? Urgh. Boring.

Plus it makes a bloody incredible impression of you. 

And this impression lasts to draw in your ideal customers and keep them too. 

Here’s why your brand voice matters.

As above, businesses with a clear purpose and strong personality stick out from their competitors. 

And I know you want that. Because I do. 


So then, what’s a tone of voice?

Your voice is your business’s personality. It’s consistent and permanent.

Your tone is how you write (say) your words. So it’s words you use, how to (say) write them along with a bit of rhythm. 

It can adjust to suit a piece of content or message. 

For example, 

Got a light-hearted social media post? But a more serious blog?

That’s ok because your brand voice and personality stay the same.

But your communication and words (using tone and rhythm) may change to suit your message and delivery.

As with this swear-y blog.

It’s still me. 

But my emotion behind this is, what did I say? 

Is life a party? Fun is a value of mine?

Great. So I’ll use my emotion of fun to write this blog. Using some matching words, I love to say. 

Got it?

Of course, you do.


2. A copywriter dissects your brain 

A copywriter writes to sound like you

Not in a crazy scientist kind of way.

But I know the questions to ask to pick the bits out I need to write to sound like you.

Guess what else I do?

I listen to you.

Why? So, I can pick out (there’s the dissecting part) words, phrases and things you say so I can use them to write to sound like you.

Infuse it into my writing of yours, so it sounds like you.

Read this blog (here) to find out more about how to write to sound like you.

And you can understand more about how a copywriter writes to sound like you.


3. A copywriter creates a brand voice

Remember point number 1?

If you don’t have a brand voice, don’t worry.

Because I create one with you. 

It’s a super fun hour and a half consult.

(Back to the bran dissecting bit from point number 2)

And because a copywriter (me) inspects brains so well, we create a brand voice for you.

And what’s better?

I leave you (and I) with a template you (or I) can refer to when writing your communication. So it stays consistent.

And what else does the template do?

It gets your copy to sound like you.


4. A copywriter writes to attract your ideal target audience

Copywriters sound like you

Gee. As a copywriter, I do a lot, huh?

Earlier, I told you I’d explain the swearing thing further. 

So here it goes,

I swore, and you’re still reading this.


Because you’re my target audience, you resonate with me and I with you.

And you love a good swear word. (Go you) 

You’re the human I love working with, and it lights up my day.

Yep. You light up my day lady.

So when a copywriter writes to sound like you, we also write to attract you, ideal clients.

Because when you deeply understand your target audience, you’ll also understand how to speak to them. (Read more here),

I’ll tell you a secret.


Depending on your business, it’s through writing to sound like you.

 See how I said depending on the business?

For example,

If you’re a teacher and you swear. You’d leave that part of you out. But you can still write to sound like you because your students want to work with you. Not pretend you. They want real you to teach them.

So this is where the tone of voice matters, but brand voice always holds. 

But most of the time if you have a product.

Which means people buy your product because it screams you.
Or a service that people buy because they want to work with you.
So if you’ve got a product or service your tone of voice (all your wordy and quirky goodness) can roam free.


5. A copywriter writes to sound like you consistently

Here’s point number 5. Because psychologists tell us people respond better to odd-numbered lists.

(Today’s fun fact)

But it’s also essential.

A copywriter writes to always sound like you.

As I said with point number 3, when I create a brand voice chart, it’s there to refer to so I sound like you always.

In summary,

Yes, a copywriter writes to sound like you.

It’s the main part of what we do.

Hearth the myth about don’t hire a copywriter because they won’t write to sound like you?

It’s the dead opposite of that.

A copywriter (me) writes to sound like you…. 

And I’m going for it here… better than you can.


Because it’s not easy tooting your own horn.

Or letting your true self out into the (what can be) harsh and vulnerable world of the internet.

And because you’re in your head.

That’s why it’s easier for a trained and external head to extract and write what’s in yours. 

Because I’m not in it.

Over to you, 

Have you not hired a copywriter because you think they won’t write to sound like you?

It’s ok if you have, but I’m keen to know. Tell me here