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How to Be Authentic in Your Business And Cut The Crap

How to be authentic in your business

Learn how to be authentic in your business.

So you can cut the crap and be you. Why? Because being authentic in your business means it will grow.


Struggling to set yourself free?


Ok, I know this sounds matrix-y, but here it goes.


I watched The Matrix when I was an early teen. And the line “free your mind” stuck with me like glue.


Recently, a copy mentor of mine, Kate Toon shared an Insta post saying “most of our adulthood is spent trying to be who you were in your childhood.”


Eeek. Cue brain thinking overdrive.


Found yourself dwindling over the years because you’re trying to be someone else?


Trying to be a preconceived belief of what normal is?


Well if you haven’t, you’re lucky because I have.


But I’ve let go. And got back to the fearless, outspoken and questioning child I used to be.


And my copy has become me. And my business is morphing into what I want it to be.


But back to you.


Do you hear the word authentic a lot?


Yep. I know you do because I do.


Every second Insta post these days talks about authenticity, which led me to get into some deep thinking.


And if you didn’t know, it’s something I love to do because it’s fun for me.


What does authentic mean? And why are so many entrepreneurs preaching it?


Here’s what my trusty dictionary tells me, of undisputed origin and not a copy, genuine.


Ok, so as humans we come from an undisputed origin, and we’re born not a copy of someone else. Yes, we come from genetics, but we are our own human from the beginning.


Which means we’re all going to be an authentic human from birth.


So what happens? 


Well, you grow up with various influences which changes your authenticity. But know this, you still maintain (within you) what’s genuine to you.


Same as we get influences which create our consumer buying behaviours. (Listen to more here)


So that’s what authentic means.


Why are so many entrepreneurs shouting it? 


Well, because you should be authentic. And like my work wife Rowena says, “people can smell fakery a mile away.”


And it’s true, right?


I was running my business and being business me. And it was going well.


Then I stopped that preconceived belief of how I thought I should act in my business.


What happened next?


My socials have more engagement. And my business is growing.


Because when people come to work with me, they know what they’re going to get.


Furthermore, they come because I’m what they want to get.


Or, in this case, who they’re going to work with.


Why is there a push for being authentic in your business nowadays?


Because the world now is so digital.


As well as so much “fake news” (there’s one for your Donald Trump.)


Us confused humans are craving what’s real.


Because in an environment where more and more you don’t know what’s real, you want your human elements to connect with.


So how do you be authentic in your business?


Ok, first things first.


  • You’re running your business, and it’s going well


  • Clear on your ideal target market


  • And planned your marketing strategy


But you feel something isn’t hitting the mark.


And it’s you. You’re what’s missing in your business.


And guess what?


The key to growing your business is… let me say it.


Being authentic.


“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become.” Oprah Winfrey.


Yes, I threw a quote at you. And it’s true. Oprah did say this. Gets you thinking right?


So why do you struggle to be you in your business?


Because allowing yourself to be you, means showing your flaws as well as your strengths. And showing flaws can be scary.


But it’s ok because no one is perfect.


You do good and bad things. I know you do because I do.


So, if a flaw of yours comes out, own it. And love it.


And for my next blog heading.


Here’s how to be authentic in your business. Be you.


Be real. 


Ok, this sounds easy, but it can be more challenging than you think.


Authenticity comes with passion.


Or, is it because it’s my second business value? And the first characteristic people say I am when they describe me?


No, I don’t think so.


If you’re authentic, then you’re passionate about what you believe and what you do in your business.


So get back to your roots.


Revisit your values and business mission. And light a flame in your passion and release it to the world.


Who are you?


Why did you start your business?


What motivates and drives you?


Remember your purpose and have it at the heart of everything you do in your business.


And your realness will illuminate.


What will happen if you’re real?


You’ll create a connection and start to understand others more.


How do I know this? Because it happened to me.


Being your realness helps you come from a place of empathy. So you understand others more, which creates genuine connections.


That brings me to my second point.


Love what you do


Did you create your business out of something you either want to do or love doing?


If so, remember it and love what you do. Because this allows authenticity to shine through naturally.


Did you discover a solution you turned into a business?


Was it to help others in some way to solve a problem?


If so, this means you’re passionate about helping others solve the same problem you had.


Whatever your business starting reason was, always love it.


Understand your weaknesses


Do you have weaknesses as well as strengths? Of course, you do.


Well then, own your weaknesses then use them as fuel to grow your business.


Stay with me here.


I’m speaking about doing all the things.


You don’t want to do all the things.


Especially the things that aren’t your strengths.


So where you have weaknesses (tech being mine) ask for help, outsource them. And focus on what you love doing.


Dare I say here, focus on your strengths.


I watched a video the other day, and in it Keith Abraham said, starve your distractions and feed your focus.


Think about this.


If you try to do all the things, then you’ll most likely procrastinate doing them.


Sound familiar?


Which means your turning focus to what you can’t do. So you’re fuelling your distractions.


Or was that only me?


Nope. I’ve researched. (Another thing I love doing for fun) And it’s common to do this.


If it distracts you then stave it. Feed your focus and do what you do best.


And how does doing this show your authentic?


Because no one apart from superman can do all the things.


And who knows if superman can do other things apart from fly and save the world.


So not doing all the things acknowledges your weaknesses. And it empowers others to help you where you need.


Be consistent


Consistency is crucial throughout your business.


I’ve said it in many a blog, social post and through my blabbering to clients.


Be consistent in your writing, marketing and business.


If you’re showing up differently, then your authenticity isn’t going to shine through.


If your true self is funny. Then don’t reply to an email to your client in a serious tone


It’s not consistent. Which means it’s not authentic. And it’s confusing too.


Your messaging, your true self and your brand’s tone of voice should stay the same through all your touchpoints.


Because it shows your business honours your values, is confident and trustworthy.


Engage with your people 


You may have received a marketing email from me.


If you did, go my marketing strategy.


Which means you’ve also seen automated marketing robot me ask you a question.


But what does my PS say?


I promise real me and not robot me will reply to you.


So be authentic when engaging with your audience.


Make sure you engage, reply and interact with them. Not robot you. Because what’s authentic about that?


  • You know your shit, so give that benefit to your followers
  • Share your knowledge
  • Talk to your humans
  • Show them behind the scenes silly things


And do it all as non-robot you.


And finally,


Why authenticity grows your business?


It makes your business stand out.


Because no one else can be you remember? So being you makes you stand out and not blend in.


And why blend in when you can stand out and grow?


It also builds your brand.


And your business identity which makes you something beyond your services and products.


Plus it helps people relate to human you. And not what you’re selling you.


And like I said above, it creates a benefit.


(What people get when working with you.)


Because people want to work with the authentic you, what they see before they’ve met you.


In conclusion,


Be the child you were.


F*ck the preconised beliefs and be your normal. And watch your business grow.


Feel something’s missing from growing your business?


Reconnect with yourself and see if it’s you.


Because authentic you will expand your business.


What are your thoughts? Tell me here.