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The Best Marketing Strategy You Need. Know What It Is?

The Best Marketing Strategy You Need

So you’ll watch your business connections dramatically grow.


The best marketing strategy you need. Firstly, yuck and ich, right?


Don’t worry because a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be boring.


Especially the best marketing strategy you need. I mean come on. 


But I get it. The word strategy is ichy.


But I’m here to make it less ichy. 


However, before I get to the juicy part of a marketing strategy (that will change your everything) let’s cover the boring bits. 


First of all, 

What’s a marketing strategy?


It’s your businesses marketing goals put into a plan for the long term. 


You design and create it to promote your business, so you make a profit. 


And let me guess, you know an effective marketing strategy isn’t an easy task. 


Because you have to 


  • Make decisions
  • Intimately understand your target audience
  • Gather data
  • Do market research
  • Speak to people
  • Take up your time


And well, all of the things.


(If you’re already overwhelmed, read this. And discover why it’s important.)


Next, I want you to think about this. 


Are you a solo business owner?


If so, then your best marketing strategy is putting yourself out there. 


Mind blown a bit?


Well, it’s true. 


You are your business. 


Which means your strategy is promoting you and yourself. 


Sound terrifying?


It’s ok if it does because it’s scary putting yourself out into the world of the interwebs.


But you’ve got this. 


Which brings me to the second (in the boring bits section of this blog) 


Why do you need a marketing strategy?


Because you’re in business to make money. (Ah, duh.)


Which means you need a plan to do so. 


How will you make that money?


What do your customers want?


Create a strategy to answer these questions. 


And guess what? 


A strategy grows your business, connects with your customers and strengthens your brand. 


Remember above when I said your strategy is for the long term?


Awesome. Because your strategy will build your business and keep it in the minds of your humans. 


And for the third instalment of the boring bits. 


What goes in a marketing strategy? 


Well, this depends, of course, on what your goals and objectives are. 


But here’s a few ideas to get your brain going. 


  1. Create an online presence


  1. Grow digital presence


  1. Lead generation


  1. Targeting new customers or clients


  1. Retaining your existing humans 


  1. Promote new products or services 


  1. Increase sales


  1. Increase in profit 


  1. Build awareness


  1. Grow market share


Got your brain in overload?


Awesome. That’s what I like to hear. 


Now your brain is clicking over, let’s get into the fun part of this blog. 


What’s the difference with a marketing plan and a marketing strategy?


Thinking I was getting to the fun bits?


I am, bare with. 


Your strategy is your goals.


And your plan is your how. 


So let’s get into the how. 


Urgh, finally Gemma. 


Here’s the best marketing strategy ever


You’ll achieve your marketing goals by being you. 




Is your mind going haywire?


Stay with me. 


You may have read about this here. (If not, then do because it’s a treasure of a read)


But if you haven’t, then being yourself in your business changes everything. 


How do I know this?


Because once I started doing it, I was nailing my marketing objectives. 


Here’s the thing, I discovered other female business owners get scared to be themselves truly. 


And acting a pre-conceived way means you’re holding yourself back from achieving your goals. 


Do you know my favourite saying? 


Why blend in when you can stand out?


If you answered, I don’t wanna blend in. 


Then don’t be vanilla. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. 


Be you and watch your business grow.


Because your individuality and your amazing self is what makes you different. 


It’s what makes your business unique. 


And from here you can your “how” of your marketing stagey. 


If I’m beginning to lose you, here’s how this works. 


Let’s look at number 4. Targeting new customers or clients


How will you do this?


Well, it’s all about connecting.


You know I’ve harped on about the world being so digital. So you need to connect on a human level. 


And by being yourself, you’re going to connect with other humans who get captivated by you.


How do you connect with these humans?


Thought about finding and connecting with people through LinkedIn?


Well, if you’re not doing this, then do. 


Because it’s the only platform you can unite with people through such things as, 


  • What they do
  • Professional interests
  • Experience 
  • Values
  • They’re purpose and why they do what they do


It’s such a fab platform. Because you can network and connect with possible clients and collaborators. 




You can use LinkedIn, a social media strategy, SEO or a blogging strategy. 


Whatever you’re using as your connect strategy be yourself. 


Because humans connect with humans. 


And you’ll find yourself connecting with new customers and clients authentically. 


Which means being yourself is what’s behind the best marketing strategy for you. 


As people want real you. Not pretend you. 


So let real you come to life online.


And don’t hold back because the people you want to connect with will connect with you. 


And watch your business relationships flourish. 


Not sure how to connect through your words? Discover more here.

Over to you, 


What are your thoughts?


Do you think the best marketing strategy for your business is to be yourself?


In line with all the boring marketing bits and bobs?


I’d love to know. 


Tell me here