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How to unexpectedly create more time in your business

Create More Time In You Business

Here are ways to create more time in your business. But they’re not what you think. 


As I’ve said to you before, people often ask me, “how do you do so much?”


Because they’re embarrassed by their productivity skills.


And I always reply with, “I just do.”


So without sounding too much like Nike, if you want to do something, just do it.


Now, you’re probably thinking, yeah, it’s easier said than done.


Because you know, said everyone ever.


But if you want to create more time in your business (and life) you can.


And in this blog, you’ll learn not how but why you can create more time in your business.


And it’s because I’m teaching you about the dreaded (what I call them) killers of your time.


Create More Time


Because let me tell you, time killers are chasing you like the grim reaper without you even knowing it.


But it’s not all gloom and doom.


Because once you uncover these killers, you can acknowledge their presence and change them.


Let’s go. 


Indecision doesn’t create more time


I want to tell you about indecision first because it’s the biggest killer of your time.


Because once you make a decision, stick to it and move on, you’ll create more time than you can imagine.


Now, you’re a human right?


I’m going to assume as much otherwise you’re another superior animal who can read.


And if you are, please tell me.




Because you’re human, you have a gift. 


Your gift is forward-thinking, planning and decision making ahead of time. 


And to make you more excited, you’re the only species on the planet who has this special and unique part of your brain. 


Which means you can use it to your advantage for planning and make decisions. 


Here’s why saying goodbye to indecision will unexpectedly create more time in your business.


I want you to think about your lunch break.


I’ll paint the picture for you,


  • 1 pm – 2 pm on your calendar says lunch


  • So then, what are you eating?


  • What will you make?


  • Will you cook something?


  • Or make a sandwich?


  • Will you fry with olive oil or canola oil?


  • Nah, now you want to pop something in the oven


  • So you open the freezer and stare at what’s inside


  • Then it’s all too much, and you can’t decide


  • So you jump on Facebook and get distracted by a cat video


  • You’re laughing, so you want to watch another one


  • It’s now 1:31 pm


  • And you know this because you checked the time


  • You have a small panic because you’ve got 29 minutes of your lunchtime left


  • But now you need to go to the bathroom


  • Off you trot then


  • Crap, it’s 1:39 pm


  • What the hell will you eat now?


  • Whatever’s going?


  • Great, so you chuck that together and throw the dishes in the sink


  • Because you ‘ran’ out of time to wash them


  • It’s now 2:05 pm, and you’re back at your desk ready for the afternoon


Does the above scenario or something similar sound familiar to you?


Then let me ask you this,


After reading it, “how do you think you feel?”


Like you enjoyed your lunch? Had a lovely break?


Or rushed, more tired and shitty because you didn’t truly break?


If your answer resonates more with the second option, then you’re living in indecision, my friend.


Can you see how indecision is the biggest killer of your time?


Not only is it not making a decision, but it also has a flow-on effect taking up more of your time. 


Being Busy


Now, if you’re like most people, this can be a challenging one to grasp. 


But here it goes.


Are you actually busy?


And what does busy mean?


I want you to look at the above lunchtime scenario…


Can you see if you decided what to eat for lunch, then you’d have more time?


Stay with me.


Ever say to someone, “I was so busy today I couldn’t even have a proper lunch break.”


If so, I now want you to think about if that’s true.


We’re you too busy? Or were you busying yourself for no reason?


So here’s the thing.


Being busy is optional.


Often, you’re thinking more than you are doing, and that’s where you’re busying yourself.


You’re busy in your mind.


Not by what you’re actually doing.


And here’s something else I want to ask you.


Are you busy? Or are you productive?


If you’re busy, then I want you to think about how you can stop busying yourself so you’ll become more productive.


And I mean productive in your business because it filters over to your life as well.


Want to know a secret?


The more productive you are in your business, the more time you’ll open up. 


And you’ll stop being busy.


Mind blown much?


I bloody hope so, because that’s the plan.


Saying Yes


Are you a yes person?


Please stop it. Immediately.


And learn to say no.


Otherwise, you’ll busy yourself by dropping everything for everyone else and lose your time.


And let me tell you, your time is yours.


No one else’s.


So don’t let yourself lose it.


Listen, I’m not talking about saying no to clients.


I’m talking about truly understanding what you want to do with your time.


 So you’ll say no to someone who asks you to do something that interrupts it.


For example,


You’ve got time scheduled into your calendar to write a sales email for your business.


Your friend calls you, so you answer the phone.


Next thing you know, you’re off the phone and looking at your calendar.


The time’s gone by, and now you think,


Nah, I don’t have time to write that email.


And then what?


You don’t do it.


Now, I’m not saying you’ll never do it. But here’s the thing.


You’ll lose another hour of your time scheduling it into a different day.


Instead of doing it at the time, you planned to do it. 


Can you see where I’m going here?


Great, then say no.


Not putting yourself first


Now, saying no leads me into my next point, which is not putting yourself first.


If you honoured yourself and your time, then you would have written that email. 


Or done whatever thing it was at the time instead of something else. 


Now, I know you’re thinking,


What if it was an emergency?


My friend needed me, and I want to be there for her.


And it’s terrific that you want this. 


But I want to suggest this to you. 


Do you need you?


And do you want to be there for you?


If you’ve answered yes, then put yourself first and take charge of your time.


How about calling your friend back when you finish the email? 


Or once you’ve finished what’s on your calendar first.


Think about it….




Now, this can sound silly.


But again, stay with me.


I want you to think about how to stop trying.


Is trying the same as doing?


Are you trying to write a sales email?


Or are you writing a sales email?


Are you trying to do something for a client, or are you doing it?


Because guess what?


Trying isn’t the same as doing.


So are you ready to stop trying to do things and instead do them?






Because saying you’re doing something will inspire more action out of you.


Rather than saying you’re trying to do something.


So, please think about the difference in those two words and what they mean to you.


So you can stop trying.


In conclusion,


These 5 above factors are the biggest killer of your time.


So I’m asking you to think about them. 


Are you doing one of them? Perhaps all of them?


If so, you can begin to imagine change and create more time in your business and life. 


Over to you,


Are you ready to create more time in your business?


I can help you discover more killers of your time.


Plus how you can change them, so you create more time in your business.


Which ultimately creates more time in your life.


Are you in?