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How to Stop Wasting Time Writing Copy in 5 Steps

Wasting time writing copy

You’ll stop wasting time writing copy when you read this blog


Hey my friend, if you’re wasting time writing copy then keep reading.


Look, I’m a copywriter, so it’s easy for me, right?


Well, not always because everyone (even the best writers) can get in their heads and block creativity.


So if you get stuck writing or struggle to begin, then you could be blocking yourself without knowing.


I’m speaking a little bit about writer’s block.


But more so, struggling to write all starts with your thoughts.


My first question to you is, what are you thinking about when you begin writing copy?


Because the answer to this can change everything for you.


So before I get into 5 ways to write copy for your business faster, let’s talk about your brain. 




As you know, I love talking about brains.


Do any of these sentences sound familiar?


  • I hate writing copy
  • This is so challenging
  • I don’t want to do this, but I have to


If you answered yes to any of the above, then change these sentences now.


And by sentences, I mean your thoughts about copywriting because it all starts in your mind.


This means if you’re blocking your copywriting task (before you begin), then you’ll waste a lot of time in your brain.


Now here’s what I mean by this. If copy is something you want to write for your business, then decide.


If you’ve decided it’s what you want to do, then don’t argue against it in your brain.


Because you’ll waste time and energy in your mind.


You’ll waste time arguing with yourself when you could have written two pages of the copy already.


So, once you’ve decided, “yep, I’m writing copy”, own your decision and change your thoughts.


If you want to write copy, get rid of the “I don’t want to do this” thoughts.


Because these thoughts are doing is blocking your brain from your wisdom. Which means you’ll never allow its creativity to surface.


So then, you’ve discovered the blocking thoughts in your mind… what’s next?


Here’s the first step is how to stop wasting time writing copy.


1. Stop being hard on yourself


Look, I get it. I’m a complete and utter ‘hard on myself’ recovering addict.


It’s true. I was addicted to being hard on myself because I thought it would benefit me.


The harder I am on myself then, the harder I’ll work and the more successful I’ll be.


Unfortunately, it’s the opposite. Because the harder you are on yourself, the harder you make it for yourself.


And being unkind only leads to you wasting time.


So be kind. Because what’s the worst that will happen?


You’ll write a page of copy and put it out into the world. But then what?


Who knows. But if you’re still sitting around in time-wasting hard on yourself land, then you’ll never find out.


So tip number one to stop wasting time writing copy is to stop being so hard on yourself.


Because let’s face it, you’re writing copy. It’s not a life or death situation.


So have a bit of fun, write and enjoy it and see what happens.


Because guess what?


There’s no right or wrong here. Huh? Yeah, it’s true. 


And the more copy you write, the more you’ll improve.


This ‘keep on writing copy’ leads me to the most common copywriting time-wasting block,


2. You’re trying to be too creative


Here’s a mind-blowing moment for you. Copywriting is about 20% creativity.


It’s true. Copywriting is writing words to sell and persuading people to buy things.


Which means there’s a science and a bunch of formulas behind it.


So trying to be overly creative is wasting your time.


Which means once you stop imaging you’re Ernest Hemmingway sipping on Cuba Libre’s and writing history-changing literate, you’ll start writing copy.


I suggest you invest in a copywriting course of the basics.


So you understand what copy is, how you should write it and learn a bunch of formulas.


Because from there, with your 20% creativity (which is your voice, your business and your personality), you’ll stop wasting time trying to be overly creative and get on with it.


3. The comparison games


Here’s one of the most significant thing to learn when it comes to how to stop wasting time writing copy. 


Do you play the comparison game?


If not, here are the rules…


  • You have an idea
  • And you make some notes
  • So, you sit in front of your computer and open the Google
  • Then, you type the idea into the search bar
  • About 30 results come up, so you read every single one of them
  • And from there, obviously, all 30 articles/websites/blogs/social media posts are better than yours
  • So you go back and change your notes or the copy you wrote
  • Replicate other peoples copy but not in the exact words, of course


So I’ll ask you again, do you play?


If you do, then stop. It’s the worst game you can play.


Because you get stuck in the rabbit hole of comparison, shame and imposter syndrome. Meaning you’ll never get a bit of copy written.


Niel Patel once tweeted, “it’s hard to beat your competition when you’re trying to be them.”


Something to think about, huh?


So stop wasting time comparing and get back to your copywriting.


4. But it’s got to be perfect



Firstly, what is perfect copy?


Do you know the answer to that? I mean, I don’t. I know what great, and clever copywriting is. But I don’t know what perfect is, which means neither do you.


So drop being a perfectionist because perfectionism is the epitome of wasting time.


In fact, there’s no better way to waste time because trying to make something perfect will never happen.


So to perfectionists all around, 


Which means you’ll actually never write that piece of copy, your website or publish a social media post. As you’re too busy trying to make it perfect.


How about trying this on for size… 80% done is better than not done.


If you think about writing copy this way, you’ll end up with words on a page. And from here, you can edit, proofread, edit and final proof these words.


Which means you have a copy to put out into the world. Is it perfect? Nope. But it’s done, and you can move on.


Do you know how I’m a copywriter? Of course, well, I make mistakes. I leave in typos here and there because my eyeballs skim over them.


But what do I make that mean? Nothing really that I’m human, which means it happens.


If you received my monthly newsletter from me back in October last year, there was a typo in it. One of my clients pointed it out to me. But it had already gone to my entire email list.


From here, I asked myself, “so what?” and my answer to this question as well, nothing.


So in my next month’s email, I made a joking reference to it about even copywriters are human and can miss typo’s. But out of my list, only one person thought about informing me.


So the moral of this story. Stop trying to be perfect and get your copy out there.




Perfectionism from above brings me into the final copywriting time-wasting trick, which is fear.

5. Writing copy and publishing it on the internet is scary


You procrastinate and think you need perfect because you’re scared at the end of the day.


Perhaps you’re hiding behind your words, or you’re scared to write about yourself. But whatever it is far is a HUGE factor to why you’re wasting time instead of writing copy.


So What are you scared of?


Perhaps it’s judgment? Mistakes? Do people see you? I encourage you to discover what you’re scared about because fear leads our human brains to stop taking action.


So you have time scheduled to write a blog post? Let’s say at 9 am on a Tuesday. And that time comes, you see the task, but you decide there’s something else more important to do?


If this sounds like you, then you’re acting from a place of fear, my friend. And it’s ok. Because all humans do it, it’s scary putting something out into the world, and your brain wants you to be safe.


Safe from judgment and hurt feelings.


So it’s up to you to tell your brain everything will be ok.


And once you can overcome the fear of writing copy, you’ll write faster, easier and more of it.


Give it a go because you’ll surprise yourself.


So my friend, there it is.


The 5 ways to stop wasting time when wiring copy.