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Stop Being Stuck Writing Your Website

Stop Being Stuck Writing Your Website

Stop Being Stuck Writing Your Website. It’s easier than you think.


Hey coach, 


Struggling to get your website copy up and running?


Not to mention socials and blogs…. 


Or do you find you struggle with getting them done when you sit down to complete them?


You’re not alone. 


I work with client after client who’ve got their heads full of value they’re DYING to share with the world.


Yet when they sit down to write, type it…. NOTHING.


I know you know what I’m talking about. 


Keep reading to discover below one of the reasons you’re struggling with copywriting so you can stop being stuck writing your website. 

Be yourself


I’ve discovered many coaches, and all business owners start to act like someone else.


They begin to act in a way they” believe” is the right way to “act” when running a business.


Let me tell you. It’s bullshit. 


If you think you have to be a particular way and show up with a preconceived ‘businesslike’ appearance because you run a business, you are wrong. 


Being yourself is what works.


Writing a website is all about writing one that reflects who you are to help you attract the clients you want to work with. 


However, doing this well requires a fair bit of discomfort.


And I get it. You don’t want to be uncomfortable. I mean, who does?


But on the other side of uncomfortable is greatness…. Every time. 


There’s no doubt about it.


Nothing great comes from being comfortable and safe. 


Want your website published? Then get uncomfortable, my friend. 


Because once you move through being uncomfortable and allow yourself to be who you are in your business, you’ll connect with the right clients. 


Those humans you set out to help in the first place. 


But staying protected and not being uncomfortable means you risk never helping your humans. 


Because they won’t find you. 


And if they do, they certainly don’t connect with you because you’re not genuine with them. 


If there is anything I want you to learn, focus on your business the way you want to.


Put a stop to the disconnect between yourself and your business self because there isn’t one. 


It’s your business, and you are you, so do it your way.


You’re already impressive enough


Plus, you know your shit.


In the early years of my business, I worked with clients similar to those from my corporate career. 


Because it was familiar, I knew how to write the copy and place the ads and knew their target audiences in-depth.


It was okay, but it wasn’t why I started my business.


I wanted to work with clients who lit up my day and help them grow their businesses. 


I soon discovered the key to doing this was being myself and not pretending to be something I was not. 


If you’re trying to find this final piece of the puzzle, start by updating (or writing) your website and using your authentic words in your copywriting.


It’s easier than you think. 


The reason you’re stuck writing your website is that you’re not allowing yourself to be you. 


You’re letting feelings like fear, discomfort and rejection overwhelm you. 


Listen, writing a website will make you feel these feelings no matter what. 


After all, you’re putting yourself out into the world of the internet for gazillions of people to see. 


Frightening much? I get it. So how your feeling is normal.


But my question to you is, are you willing to feel these feelings and write your website anyway?


It’s the easiest way to stop being stuck writing your website. 


If you can understand that it will be challenging and feel uncomfortable, you can stop being stuck. 


Brene Brown describes vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” 


It’s that unstable feeling we get when we step out of our comfort zone or do something that forces us to loosen control.


Is this what’s happening to you?


Of course, writing a website means you’re vulnerable. 


Because it’s your job to be authentic and honest so you can connect with the right clients. 


And this doesn’t come easy for all humans. 


But you’ve got this.


I know you can push past the initial discomfort and allow it to be there. 


You’re capable of stopping blocking yourself from writing your website, being yourself, and being authentic with your words. 


You can’t forget to focus on your clients, but if you’re inauthentic, then you’ll attract the wrong ones.


Find writing your website exhausting?


It’s because you’ve allowed yourself to become exhausted with all your energy going into not being honest with yourself.


Believe it or not, not being honest when writing your website wastes more time than allowing discomfort to be there. 


If you show your authentic self on your website, you’ll connect with the clients you want to work with.


Isn’t that why you became a coach in the first place?


Most coaches help other humans like themselves. 


The best coaches can help others who are having the same problem they learnt how to overcome.  


Speaking about this problem in an open and honest way is challenging. But authenticity means your potential humans connect with you on a deeper level. 


This connection means they’ll know you’re the person to help them.


So please embrace discomfort so you can help others. 


Remember how you were before you discovered how coaches change lives.


Don’t deny your potential clients the same. 


Stop blocking yourself from writing your website and be honest. 


Speak from the heart, know it will feel uncomfortable but do it anyway. 


I’ve helped coaches and business owners push past this initial discomfort and create beautiful websites they’re proud to show the world.


And if they can do it, it’s possible for you too. 


Ready to give it a go?



If you don’t know me…

Gemma Contently Driven 2


I’m a life coach, business coach, copywriter coach, marketer, and international English teacher. 

I help successful (and overachieving) women stop pretending to be someone they are not. And acknowledge their success. To create a business and life they love, so they feel fulfilled and live their purpose. 

I want you to do this too. 

And by ‘this, I mean taking action and not sitting around wishing for your plans, goals, and dreams to come true.

I also help coaches overcome their beliefs they can’t write copy and learn how to do it. 

So they can easily create copy that connects, stop wasting time and focus on coaching. 

If you need help with any of the above, please reach out to me.

Book your FREE mini-coaching session here.

Much love, 

Gemma Xxx