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Drop distractions and get shit done

Drop distractions?


It’s possible to stop getting distracted so you can get shit done.


I promise the world won’t end. 


Ok, I can’t promise the world not ending, but if it does, what do you think you’ll be able to do about it anyway? 


A whole lot of nothing. 


As the queen of getting shit done, yes me… I want to help you get it done as well.


I never thought much about how many things I achieve, as it was always natural for me. 


But throughout my years, I’ve had friends, business acquaintances, and family tell me countless times how impressive it is that I get so much done.  


A friend of mine, Mikala, from Inspired Office, said she can always rely on me for knowing my part of our projects gets done no matter what. 


Is it because I love a deadline? Could be. 


Am I a confessed finisher? Maybe. 


It’s mostly how I can delay instant gratification, knowing the result will bring so much more joy.


I’m also a firm believer in discipline and constraint. Plus, if you’ve committed to yourself to do something, then why not do it?


Drop distractions. You can do it.


I coach many people on getting shit done, whether it’s sorting out goals, to-do lists or finding time in their day. 


The most shocking thing I hear from my clients is that they can’t possibly part with their phones. 


Here’s the thing, social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn were designed to keep us connected. But they were also designed to keep us distracted from the task at hand.


Technology is fantastic for getting shit done quicker than without. 


I mean, when’s the last time you used a typewriter? And have you ever tried to change a ribbon? 

Drop distractions



But technology is also detrimental for shifting our focus over to it and abandoning what we’re doing. 


And it’s so surprising to me that so many people have a look of shock, despair and isolation when I tell them to remove their phones the hell away from them. 


What if you had a task to get done and you allocated two hours to it? 


Two interruption-free hours, this means…


  • Your phone is in another room 
  • It’s on silent, so you can’t hear it 
  • Your email isn’t open on your computer
  • Only the internet tabs you need are open 


Could you do this for two hours?


You know you can. 


But I hear you, “what if there’s an emergency?” 


Look, unless there’s blood and guts, what’s an emergency?


If someone is contacting you due to a high-level emergency, they should be contacting 000 (that’s 911 for my US readers) and not you. 


And what is it you could do within that two hours to help this hypothetical in trouble person?


Got family at home? Tell them they cannot bother you for two hours. 


Annoying cat? Close the door 


No door? Noise-cancelling headphones. 


Waiting on a phone call? They can leave a voice message.


Important email? It can wait an hour and a half for your reply. 


There are so many options you can give yourself to allow two whole hours of uninterrupted working time. 


Let me tell you. You’ll be SHOCKED how much you get done. In fact, without interruption, you’ll likely finish earlier. 


It’s not as challenging as you think to keep yourself distraction-free. And the reward of genuinely getting shit done is terrific. 


I challenge you to have two hours a day of distraction-free time. 


Devote yourself to it and get shit done. 


Delay gratification plus dropped distractions


“I don’t feel like doing it now.”


“I’m hungry.”


“I’ll message my friend first.”


“I had such a hard day. I’ll do it tomorrow. “


Any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Often people don’t want to do the hard stuff, but they still expect a successful result. 


I mean, how?


If you want to do what feels better in the moment, then guess what? You’re a human, just like the rest of us.


No one wants to do what they don’t want to do. And your brain is always looking for something that feels good, better or easier. 


So if you find yourself doing something instead of getting your shit done, this is why. 


You’re giving in to your primal urges of instant gratification. 


Instead of doing the hard stuff, you want to do the easy and more pleasurable stuff now. 


But guess what?


When you’ve achieved a goal, your brain releases the chemical dopamine (the pleasure hormone, which makes you feel mighty dam fine) when you’ve reached a goal. 


That’s right. If you’re like me and you get a rush after you’ve completed something, this is why. 


In fact, if you don’t give in to instant gratification, the reward of finishing and the build-up of the pleasure hormone will feel even better. 


So I dare you, are you able to NOT give into instant gratification?

(feeling better) 


And instead, put it off to feel even BETTER once you’ve hit your goal, target or achievement?


I know my answer….


Distraction free disipline


My next suggestion is discipline. Do you genuinely have this? 


Now, I ran a Google search for the meaning of the word discipline, and this is what it told me.


“The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.” 


I wonder if this is why so many people freak out when I use the word discipline. But then I found a better (more reasonable) definition.


“To train or develop by instruction and exercise, especially in self-control.”


The above is what it means to me. Having self-control and training yourself to adhere to your calendar, schedule and what you promised you told yourself you’d do. 


Here’s the thing, the world will wait.


If you decided you’d write a chapter of your book at 8 pm Friday, then do it. 


If someone calls asking you to go out with them, say no. It’s simple. 


Honour the appointment with yourself and go out with them another night. 


The world will wait. 


And you’ll feel great because you honoured yourself, plus you get a lovely reward for seeing your friend afterwards. 


Do you see where I’m going here with this? Discipline ties into instant gratification and dropping distractions as well. 


And finally, to tie it all together. 


Constraint, I want you to practise having constraint. This means if you gave yourself two hours to get something done, then you get it done.  


Constrain yourself to one thing, drop the distractions and get it done. 


If you need help learning how to drop distractions and get shit done, please reach out. 


Helping people figure out their do-to list, plan goals and getting more done than they ever imagined is my jam. 


I’ve been innately excellent at getting things done since I was a child. 


Plus, learning more and refining how to do it for years following, I can help you get shit done. 



“Since our first coaching session, I got more done in a week than I had in 3 months.”

Lara Symes

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Dora Nikolaou


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I’m a life coach, business coach, copywriter coach, marketer, and international English teacher. 

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