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Here’s the problem with fulfilment

Here’s the problem with fulfilment

Are you there fulfilment?


It’s me, Gemma. And she found the problem with you. 


If you’re like most high achieving women, then you’re probably chasing fulfilment.


You achieve over and over and go onto the next thing and the next thing and the next thing…


In the hope that one day you’ll finally feel it. 


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. 


How do I know this? Because I was running the fulfilment treadmill my whole life. 


Over and over. 


And much like an actual treadmill, it doesn’t end until you press stop or pull the emergency button. 


My question to you is, are you ready to stop?


Only you can stop running after something you’ll never catch. But once you understand the truth about fulfilment, then you’ll start to be ready to stop. 


Learn the problem with fulfilment

As humans, we think it’s something that exists, and we can find it. 


And many of us believe the feeling is through achieving things, being successful and helping others. 


Now don’t get me wrong, by doing all of the above, you can feel fulfilled. But the reason you are is that you’re probably thinking, 


  • “This is fulfilling”
  • “Helping others is fulfilling”
  • “I’ve fulfilled my dream”


And thinking this in your head means you believe these thoughts, so the feeling of fulfilment is available to you. 


But here’s the catch….. Without doing any of the above, you can also feel fulfilled. And it’s because it’s a feeling that’s available to you at any time. 


Your feelings start from within. They come from inside you. They don’t appear or occur from the outside. 


So the good news? Fulfilment is available to you at any time. No matter what you do or do not do.


Fulfilment is interesting.


I often look at my cat and wonder if she worries about finding fulfilment.


She sleeps a lot. Chases flies. Squarks at birds. Eats. Drinks. Poops. Stretches, and then sleeps again. This all goes on in rotation. 


Is she happy? I guess as a human who doesn’t speak cat. I’ll never know. 


Does she feel fulfilled? Does she even worry about being fulfilled? Again, I can only guess not. 


This often gets me wondering why we often fixate on feeling fulfilled in our lives as humans. 


And what’s more interesting about finding fulfilment is that it’s not going to be there forever.


While running the treadmill of fulfilment for years, I thought I would arrive there one magical day. 


In the world of fulfilment where everything is rosy, and I’ll it and feel it forever. 


But what was dangerous about thinking the above is that feelings don’t last forever. 


As humans, you and I are emotional beings, and we think and feel constantly. 


This means why you’re feeling fulfilled from hitting a goal, helping others or whatever your reason is… is won’t last forever.


Because life happens, which means you’ll think of other thoughts and feel different feelings. 


But just because you’re not feeling fulfilled at that very moment, it doesn’t mean you’re not fulfilled and that you can’t feel it again. 


It’s a feeling that’s available to you at any time, and you get to decide if you’re fulfilled. 


And everything else you do is a bonus. 


Imagine knowing you’re fulfilled no matter what you do. What if you’ve fulfilled your role as a human the second you were born?


It’s one of those questions that, as humans, we can’t answer. But you get to decide and believe whatever you want. 


So what if you decide you’re fulfilled? Right now.


Then got on with your life without running the never-ending treadmill. Enjoy what you do without the pressure of finding fulfilment through achievement. 


Stopping the fulfilment treadmill 


Once I learnt the truth about how humans generate feelings, it changed my life. I started to question myself and why I was tying in achievement with feeling fulfilled. 


There isn’t anything wrong with doing it. 


And it sure has made my life full, exciting and challenging. But I asked myself, what if I’m already fulfilled? Meaning I’m chasing something I can’t actually find. Maybe there is a problem with this fulfilment this…


When I thought about the dictionary meaning of fulfilment as the achievement of something desired, I realised I can always feel that. Because I’ve achieved a lot that I desired.


I love achieving something I desire. 


I set out a plan, make a goal and go for it. And when I reach the goal, it’s fulfilled, so I feel fulfilled. But for some reason, I thought it would last forever. 


And there lay my problem.


Much like the pursuit of happiness, I was in the quest for fulfilment and needed to pull the emergency button. Otherwise, I’d never get off. And by never getting off, I’d keep feeling miserable and not finding what it was I was chasing. 


As humans, we will always have an array of feelings. 


Look at the time on your watch (right now) and think about all the feelings you’ve had today. 


It may look something like this, 


• Tired

• Happy

• Stressed

• Hungry

• Exhausted

• Pressured

• Happy

• Proud

• Grumpy


And it’s only 1 pm…… This is normal. As humans, we have feelings, and we have many that come and go and come again. 


Feelings are what make us do things. Or not do things. We operate from a bunch of feelings over and over. And remember, they are created inside us. Not outside us. 


SO if you’re running the fulfilment treadmill, I urge you to do a little digging into why. 


Over to you


What it is you think once you reach, you will feel fulfilled?


Success? A particular goal? Or a specific achievement?


Dig into why you’re on the fulfilment treadmill.


And remember, it’s a feeling created in your mind which means you get to feel it whenever you choose regardless of what you have or haven’t achieved. 


And ask yourself, is there a possibility you can understand you’re allowed to feel fulfilled whenever you choose. And overcome the problem with fulfilment. 


What do you think? 




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