About Contently Driven

Hi, I'm Gemma

I’m just like you. 

You’re driven.

You love your business and you want it to succeed. 

I totally get it. 

From when I was pausing MacGyver and taping the commercials, I knew I wanted to write ads. 

Fun fact: MacGyver started the year I was born. 

What does this mean for you?

I’ve long been a copywriter and obsessed with words since I was kid.

But here’s where you and I are different. 

I love writing words for my business.

You probably don’t…

The truth is…

Copywriting is everything.

Without compelling copy you’re sacrificing the success of your business. 

This is where I come in.

I’ve got you.

If you want to transform your copywriting across your website, emails and social posts too…

I can help.

Simply hit the button below.

Here's the important stuff about me​

I’ve written gazillions of words. 
(Factual number)

I’ve tried all of things for all of the business…

The gazillions of times. 

Which means I know what works and what doesn’t.

Yes marketing changes faster than your underpants…

But guess what hasn’t changed? 

The science of copywriting and the psychology of how it persuades human minds.

And this I know back to front and sideways. 

I worked in newspaper, television and media agencies.

I’ve written for big brands.

I taught South American humans how to speak English for three years.

When it comes to words, I’ve got the know-how to write the right ones. 

Oh, and in case you missed it…

I’ve written two books too.

You should grab them here

About Contently Driven

And I'll tell you a secret...

Copywriting is best done collaboratively. 

Picture the days of Mad Men with a team sitting around a table brainstorming words. 

(Minus getting drunk and smoking up the room.)

It’s not quite the same anymore.

But the best copywriting comes form working together.

About Contently Driven

Want to know one more secret?

Copywriting isn’t set and forget. 


Work with me to…

✔  Give your website wow-factor

✔  Awesome-ify your sales emails

✔  Spunk up your socials

Once we’ve done that….

Let the analytics and your ideal clients give you data.

From there you’ll figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

And you can keep your copy fresh and strategically improve it more and more.

This is how successful business owners repeatedly have excellent copy. 


I’d hope so… helping solopreneurs with copy lights up my world.

I can’t wait to light-up yours too.

Please hit the button below and get in touch with me today. 

PS: The photo shows you what I do when I’m not writing or teaching words.