Hi, I'm Gemma

I teach you how to be Contently Driven

 I know what it’s like to not feel successful with all your accomplishments.

To beat yourself up inside to be smarter, better and more successful.

Goals, achievements and success chasing were my vices to find fulfilment.

But they were also a source of guilt, shame and low-self confidence.

I looked so successful on the outside but I was miserable on the inside.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

I thought everyone else see’s me so differently from how I see myself.

I thought I was broken and I would never be satisfied or proud.

I knew success and fulfilment were for someone else.

Someone more successful than me.

Smarter than me.

I thought I’d always done something wrong.

Then I learnt the science and the truth.

I wasn’t looking for fulfilment in the right place.

You can’t fix the way you feel by doing and achieving more things. 

You’ll keep doing and chasing but emotional exhaustion will catch up with you.

And then comes the burnout.

I read every book about what happens in the human brain.

The science of how humans think.

About how habits (emotional and physical) are formed and maintained.

Believe it or not, my brain wasn’t the problem. It’s my best tool.

Because finding success, fulfilment and self-confidence start in your mind.

It is possible to achieve goals because you want to.

It is possible to slow down.

It is possible to stop your burnout.

You can transform your negative self-talk because….

Your brain is your best tool as well.

And I'll tell you a secret...

My learnings and studies transformed my relationship with myself and my overachieving. 

And the reasons why you overachieve. 

I discovered I was chasing accomplishment for the wrong reasons. 

And this led me to constant burnout. 

I stopped being nasty to myself, created more downtime and increased my self-confidence. 

I discovered fulfilment starts in your brain.

I set goals because I wanted to and not because I thought I should. The journey became so much nicer and I got there without the mean talk, shame and burnout.

So you can create fulfilment today. 

If it’s possible for me.

It’s possible for you too.

This is why I want to help you stop getting burnt out, feel proud and find fulfilment. 

You can create the life (and business) of your dreams.

Let me teach you how today.