About Contently Driven

Hi, I'm Gemma

I was just like you. 

You’re driven. You love your business.

But you want to ease your overwhelm and pressure. 

So you can step away from it guilt-free.

Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?

You’re an entrepreneur, so you’re always “busy” doing something.

The truth is, you’re in the habit of putting pressure on yourself for success while sacrificing your sanity.

You’re overworking and doing everything with half a brain. 

You want your time and energy back without betraying your business.

I’ve got you.

If you’re in the habit of being addicted to the grind of your business while sacrificing your time and energy.

I can help.

Let's Get Back Your Time

I know what it’s like to have so many things to do (outside of business), yet you’re not doing them. 

I tried better time management, productivity apps and being meaner to myself.

But as the CEO of gettings stuff done. (self-proclaimed title) I already did those things.

Then I found coaching. It helped me understand how my thinking affected the way I was running my business.

Then I discovered the power of habits and how creating different ones sets you up for success. 

I’ve got a mix of certified coach training, an understanding of this business, and years of getting things done. 

And I'll tell you a secret...

Using my habit process, I’m now able to 

Get up at 5am

Run 5kms a day 

Have guilt-free time off

Stop drinking 

Have more time for myself 

Create more in my business

Understand why I was putting enjoyable things off

I’ve always been able to get many things done, but I sacrificed my well-being. 

I’ve got a couple of degrees, taught English internationally, travelled to 63 countries, wrote a book and host 3 podcasts. 

I can help you get stuff done.

But I’ll help you create more time and reduce your overwhelm so you can stop sacrificing the other areas of your life.

Because creating more time, space and energy outside of your business (and in it) sets you up with habits that propel your life.

I’m nowhere near perfect (whatever that is) because I’m still a human who makes mistakes. 

But I now take more time to enjoy, which means I’ve got more space for you.

If you like doing things a little differently, let’s chat.