Hi, I'm Gemma
Founder of Contently Driven 

You’re here because you’re wondering why I created my business.

Well, it’s because I discovered women are afraid to be themselves in their business. 

Sound familiar?

Stay with me. 

Do you live to a preconceived belief system of how you should act in your business?

And you’re not quite letting go because you think you should be business you?

If so, OMG you’re not alone. 

But think about this. It’s your soloprenuer journey, right?

Yaaaas. Yours. Your business and your journey. 

And guess what? Your business is you. 

Mind blown? (I know mine was)

Which means you’re free to be yourself, no matter what.

And I'll tell you a secret...

Once you’re wholeheartedly yourself, your clients will flock to you like seagulls to a chip tray. 

Humans, like seagulls (not sure, if they are but that sounds cool) smell fake a mile away.

A seagull isn’t going to piss you off and lurk around if you don’t have what they want. 

Like if you have fake chips, right?

Omg, do fake chips exist? I mean, fake fruit does. 

(Can you find out and tell me?)

Which means if you’re not your true self, then your clients will smell your fake a mile away. 

The above WAS me

I always thought there was Gemma and business Gemma and I couldn’t quite put the two together. Because deep in my heart, I still thought they should be separate.


Because through my corporate career, I could never be myself. As I wasn’t the professional, stuffy and non-warped sense of humour, they (whoever they are) expected from me.

But then, I had an idea.

Business Gemma is Gemma. It’s me. Wholeheartedly.

And my reason for creating my business was to be who I want to be doing what I love to do.

Which is write copy freely and create fear-free marketing strategies bringing other women’s ideas to life.

Not answering to the man. And sticking by the rules.

Being ourselves and cheering that from the rooftops.


So you'll never guess what happened next…

Remember when Morpheus told Neo to “free your mind” and jumped across a building?

(Or, was it only 13 year old Gemma who’s been stuck with this epiphany all her life?)

This is what I did.

I freed myself from my mind drama. I opened up and became me in my business.

What does this mean for you?

Well, remember how I’m a copywriter right?

I want to use your voice, to write copy that sounds like you.

So your business will open up and grow as mine did.

Which means you’ll get your ideal customers. The ones who light up your heart.

The ones you want to work with because they’ll want to work with you too.

And it gets better because they’ll stay with you for the rest of your business days.

And, beyond as well, I reckon.

Want to discover how you can also get a website, emails, blogs, and all of the words that sound like you?

Let's WORK together

I strive to create copy which sounds like you and brings your brand’s personality to life

And builds exposure which forms relationships with customers that last. 

Let’s transform your website and all communication so it screams you.

Which means it bursts in a friendly, powerful, but non-salesy way. 


And for some final fun…


What's a Word nerd?

Well, first of all. The word nerd first appeared in the Dr Seuss Book, “If I Ran the Zoo” and if you know this fact, then you’re probably a word nerd too. 

I realised I was a word nerd, a lover of writing, creating and all things English as I was that kid who knew where an apostrophe should go in a possessive noun. 

So studying advertising, copywriting and marketing lead me to the strategist and word nerd I am today.