Client Love

Corporal Freddies

"Gemma's copy exceeded our expectations, so in-depth and got it to work for our brand tone and for conversions. Gemma's great to work with. And she took our brand to new heights.  Her knowledge not only of copywriting but the whole marketing world was a great help for new business owners like ourselves. ”

Kerri & Mike Burnell

Corporal Freddies Fine Sauce Co.

"OMG, Gemma. What you wrote for me was amazing, I absolutely love it. I have goosebumps, and tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Thank you so much. I was feeling lucky working with you in the first place, but now I feel even MORE privileged!!! You get what I want to say and put it in a way that works."

Rowena Preddy

Preddy Creative

Emma Liquorish

“Gemma was a pleasure to work with and wrote great content for our business with very little guidance. She made the process simple and we’ve had great results. We will be using Gemma for other content requirements.”

Emma Liquorish

Business & Project Manager at MKGS Design & Construction

Rita Hsiao

“Gemma is very professional and ready to cope with any task in her field. She offered me a great value of service, I truly appreciated it. Her personality & communication are also impeccable – always kind, active and ready to help! I’m very grateful to get to know her in person and benefit from her insights.”

Rita Hsiao

Nomad RConference Interpreter & Translator | Airbnb Language Lead

Cameron McLachlan

“Gemma was an integral member of our team at The Age and was a pleasure to work with. Her dedication and ability to problem solve ensured she regularly exceeded expectations. Gemma was identified early by management as an individual to develop for future leadership roles. On a personal note, Gemma’s personality was endearing and I always enjoyed tackling work tasks with her. I highly recommend Gemma for any sales oriented, advertising or content work and believe she would be a valuable asset to any business. “

Cameron McLachlan

Publisher at Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine


“Gemma joined MyPropella as our copywriter and content manager. Gemma is a highly experienced copywriter and has been a very welcome addition to the team. As a copywriter Gemma is very thorough when producing and reviewing web content and swiftly produced a content strategy for MyPropella with minimal direction. She’s extremely personable, reliable and great to work with. Gemma is an avid traveller so can easily relate to MyPropella’s mission and grasp how to produce relevant content that appeals to our target audience. She readily identifies opportunities and has added value by providing SEO advice. I highly recommend Gemma as an accomplished copywriter, content manager or SEO Adviser.  “

Caitlin Brookes

Principal, Engagement at Ethos Urban, MyPropella Founder.


“Gemma has been beneficial to my business. Her understanding of advertising and marketing, together with her calm nature and close, easy-going relationships with her clients, makes her a success to work with. Gemma is young, but possesses old-school respect, work ethic, conduct and professionalism. On the flip side of old-school, she is new age with her approaches to marketing. She works smart, then hard. She is adaptable, a sponge for knowledge and she is always one step ahead of the game. She’s a listener, and information is translated back to you in an accurate and efficient manner. She communicates in a language you understand. Gemma is one of those rare individuals who can talk to people from all intellects, walks of life and levels of society, on a level they are comfortable with. This makes communication easy, and what grows from that seed yields the best possible results. When Gemma blends this communication talent with her knowledge and experience in media and marketing, it creates a unique mix that I have seen work well for her. When marketing is done right, it won’t cost you a cent and everyone is happy, which is why Gemma has continued to have success in this field. Gemma assures the outcomes for her clients are priority, and that if there is an additional expense to be spared it must provide the client with a worthwhile return. She has experience around the finance side of it, and you’ll only ever need to spend as much as you need to due to her honesty, integrity, credibility and proven track-record.”

Brett Goodman Jones

BGJ Productions


“Gemma is my content and copywriter for my business ‘Nomad Road Trip’ and she’s brilliant. She writes my media releases, biographies all of my blogs and will my website copy too. She always listens and understands what I need. She has the work finished super fast from the brief to the end product. The fact that she has a hands on approach and will proofreads any content that I write, fixing mistakes and makes it punchier. She’s a Gem and easy to work with. Your words will be in good hands with Gemma.”

Mia-Carla Barnett

Creative Entrepreneur

Kristin English

“Gemma has extensive knowledge in the marketing and advertising fields. She is a wonderful mentor and strategist and will work towards the best outcome for your business. Any prospective or current client can rest assure they will be in good hands with Gemma.”

Kristin English

Placement Team Leader at Seven Network Operations Limited

Bruce Dillon

“Gemma’s industry knowledge in Press, Radio and Television combined with her tertiary studies will hold any client or prospective client in very good stead.”

Bruce Dillon

Senior Account Executive at Seven Queensland


“Gemma worked helping my business for 3 years. Having access to her knowledge and ability was a tremendous asset to have when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Gemma is one of those people who is friendly, personable and a delight to work with. Gemma is reliable and helped my business achieve great results. Gemma is always on the ball with new and fresh ideas and looked after my business as if it were her own.

You will be looked after and get results working with Gemma.”

Shaun M O’Donahoo

Proprietor, Strut technology / Strut tech LED Cairns