Hey coach, enough faffing about not writing copy!

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Compact Copy Consult

Stuck behind the social media hump?


I can help you over it.

Your first crucial copy done for you.

30 minutes, 5 social media posts or coaching bio.

Sound good?

I told you it’s a no brainer.

You can move forward today.

You choose.

It’s your half-hour and my copywriting expertise.

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"Gemma gave me the tools to improve my writing. It gave me better visibility and access to new customers."
Rachael Barton
A-Z Business Consultants

It’s easier than you think to get unstuck and be visible.

Imagine being in a room full of people.

Most of them you want to coach.

You’re standing there not speaking to them. 

Now imagine how you’re feeling. 

Angry? Disappointed?


You’re missing out on your ideal clients standing right in front of you.

Holding off posting on social media is the same. 

Do you want to keep missing out on telling people you’re a life coach?

If the answer is no…

I can help. 

Lack confidence writing your social media posts?

It’s possible to get started today.

Let me show you.

Ready to stop wasting time NOT connecting with your coaching clients?

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Gemma’s knowledge, expertise and love for sharing her knowledge shines through. Her copy help inspired me to want to write copy.
Ruth Slade
She Rocks Digital
Copywriting course in Melbourne

I’m legit shit.

The real deal.

The copywriting coach for life coaches.

I know you can write copy.  

I’m an author of a book about how to write your website.

Wait. Whaaaat?

Done with Dull  – How to stand out and connect with your clients by writing a website that’s freakishly you.

Over to you,

You’re capable of writing copy. 

Let’s get you sorted today.

And coaching tomorrow.

Ready to move over the social media hump?

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How much?

Glad you asked.

US $49 


It’s no joke. 

For only $49 you can get started as a life coach today.

It’s my gift to you. 

So you can help your people. 

I told you it’s a no brainer.

See you soon?

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Natalie Brusnahan

Natalie Brusnahan Founder, Natalie Brusnahan Consulting

Gemma has such a wealth of knowledge.

 I feel so calm and happy when I think of writing copy now.

I feel like I know how to connect with my clients on an emotional level.

Could not be happier! 

I cannot recommend Gemma enough!

Nat xxx

Contently Driven Books

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A website that brings in your dream clients is at your fingertips.

You will learn how to 

➡️ Share your true self without oversharing

➡️ Overcome the fear of being authentic

➡️ Harness the power of “discomfort” and be real with your clients

➡️ Use the copywriting shortcuts developed over decades by the pros

 ➡️ Create a website that’s proudly you

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