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Waste time writing your copy?

When you sit down you can’t write because you think you don’t know how. 

Then you start to hate it and tell yourself you’re not good at this.

Enjoying copywriting is one click away

Plus, it’s easier than you think.

Hey, I’m Gemma 

The copywriting coach for coaches

I help you write copy by teaching you how to do it, so you stop wasting time and get it done.

You’re a coach, so you know how important copy is for your business.

From your sales pages, website and emails. Your copy connects and sells your coaching programs.

This connection means understanding what’s in your client’s head’s is the key to copy that works.

Oh, but hang on, you’re a coach. Don’t you know that already?

You sure do, but…. you go to write copy and…

👉🏼 Nothing comes out

👉🏼 You put it off

👉🏼 You don’t know where to start

The secret to writing brilliant copy that connects with your clients is right in front of you.

Let me teach you how to uncover it and get it out into the world.

So, you can start instantly connecting with people start helping them today. 

Don't let your primitive brain be in charge

Otherwise, you’ll never write copy.

And not writing copy is stopping you from growing or starting your coaching business.

Copywriting means putting yourself out there, and as a coach, you know primitive brain hates that.

But if you let it think thoughts like….

👉🏼 I don’t know what to write

👉🏼 People will judge me

👉🏼 I never know how to get started

👉🏼 I can’t do this

Of course, it makes sense that you put it off.

I want to show you how to write copy, what to say, and how to shift your writer’s block beliefs.

Gemma Contently Driven 2
It is possible to stop wasting time and write copy

It is possible to write copy that works

You’re capable of controlling the overwhelm

And you can enjoy copywriting today.

As a copywriting coach, let me show you how.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your copywriting you’re at. 

If you have a block, I can help you. 

Oh, and I make sure we have fun along the way too.


This coaching program is unique.
It combines teaching, action coaching, plus coaching on your thoughts.

And, I tailor it for your individual copywriting needs.

Because when it comes to writing copy, it’s more than your thoughts getting in the way.

Learn what to do, how to do it and then sort your thoughts out.

It’s easier than you think.

You’ve got my full support along the way to make sure you follow through.

It’s time to start writing copy and get the results you want in your coaching business.

Ready to go all-in on your copywriting?