The Contently Driven Journey

How it works when working with a copywriter

  1. We book a free 30-minute chat so I can get to know you, your business and your needs.


  1. A few days later (to give me time to research and think things over) I send you a package which best suits your needs and gives you solutions. 


  1. You accept the project, sign the contract and pay the deposit OR we have another chat to ensure we nail what it is you need.


  1. I schedule your project and send you a next steps email listing everything I need from you before starting work. I’ll also include any resources and guides relevant to help you complete your preparation.


  1. I complete the work, hand over the project and provide you with any extra resources (where appropriate) you need to move forward.

The Process of working with a copywriter

Step 1 Discover – Creative Brief

You give me as much detail as possible about your business. Here we lay the firm foundations for the content transformation to come. Then we’ll meet via Zoom for a comprehensive discussion. By digging deep together, we’ll define a clear direction to a tone of voice and strategy which works for you.

Step 2 Pre-Create – Skeleton Draft

Here I go into the initial process of what I call my “brain dump” and present to you a “skeleton draft” This document is a rough copy of what and how I’ll write this content. From here I’ll need your feedback to understand we’re on the same wavelength. The most important thing to remember is open and honest communication is critical. We get out what we put in.

Step 3 Create – 1st and Second Draft

I’ll send the first draft to you. And you’ll give the first amendments. Then I’ll create the second draft based on your feedback and receive the second amendments.

Step 4 Deliver – Finalised Project

I send through my final invoice for payment. Then I finalise your content and send it through signed, sealed and delivered. It’s all yours.


Believe it or not, copywriting and marketing is teamwork.

I create persuasive copy when you give me as much info about you and your business as possible. And then we can deep-dive into it further in our meeting. The more I have, the better your results will be.

Please note, if you want a further option, then I always advise asking a selection of people who are your brand’s target audience. What they feel, what they like and dislike. Because this is market research and ensures the feedback you are gathering is relevant and useful.

During almost a decade of copywriting, two rounds of revisions are enough to nail your copy. It’s also why I introduced the brain dump skeleton draft to ensure it’s instantly hitting the spot before creating the initial first draft. 

But, if you’d still like to request an extra round of revisions I’m happy to discuss this. Additional changes incur a fee.

I’ve never had this issue because I go to vast extents to guarantee the first draft reflects your voice and nails your requirements. 

If you feel the skeleton draft misses the mark, then let me know because this is why this step is here. Your detailed and honest feedback gives me what I need to ensure it’s right. 

Communication and collaboration are fundamental.

I take 50% payment before we begin the project after sign off. And 50% payment at the end of the project. And then you’re content will get made available to you.

Sure, I’ve got a 30-minute no obligation free chat. Feel free to book it in and ask anything you wish.

Female entrepreneurs and driven business women like me. Women who have a purpose, vision, are or want to level up. Women who want their unique self to stand-out in their business and own who they are. Those who are unique and don’t do boring and value collaboration over competition are strategic and want to grow. Is that you? Hi, there!

A strategic and creative copywriter (hey, that’s me!) gets this. We’re able to speak using your tone of voice, which connects with your ideal target audience.

It’s a document which includes deep-drive questions about your target audience, business goals, values and purpose. The more you put into this document, the better for me to get your copy to where it should be.

Sure, send your document on over and let me at it.

I find email works best. It’s fast and easy to communicate. And comments throughout the document also work well. If you’d like to chat throughout the process, then we can always make time for a phone call. I do love a good chat after all.

If you know your business, understand what you’re about and own your brand, then sure. Together we’ll develop your tone of voice and get your website copy nailed from the beginning. But if you’re still in the start-up phase, then I’m not the copywriter for you.

Well, it all depends on the scope of the project. For a full website rewrite from start to finish, I like to allow 4 weeks. It also depends on your deadline and my current workload, but project timing is something we will discuss in our consultation.

I like to work with a three-step process. Early on, I provide what I call a ‘skeleton draft’ which is my brain dump of what I’ll write, how I’ll write it roughly. Please note a skeleton draft is simply a brain dump and isn’t’ edited or proofread at this point. I find this best way to ensure we’re on the same wavelength before I delve deep into the copy. After this, there is the first edit, and then the second edit after that free of charge. Edits after the first two get charged at $90 P/H.

In my long career, I’ve written for a plethora of industries, product and service businesses. But here my heart lies in writing and strategising for fellow creative entrepreneurs to showcase their unique talents, brand voice and get their business to burst. In saying this, if this isn’t you contact me and let’s chat. 

Because I love working with a beautiful product from time to time, (Cue, I love a good product description to mix it up.)

Give me a shoutout, and I’ll see what I can do to fit in your project. I like to share as much client love and flexibility as I can.