Workin Words

5 Modules 21 Lessons Easy

About this course

Ready to feel confident with your copywriting?

So you know what to write without wasting time. 

I designed this course to make your business stand out.

Because you’ll write clear and compelling words in your voice.

Which means your individuality will shine through and your humans will come flocking in. 

You’ll learn fail-proof copywriting formulas to use.

So you’ll connect with your humans and still sound like you.

If you’re ready to feel confident and empowered to write all your copy easily then join me. 

Course Structure

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3 Lessons


Here you'll learn about me (Gemma) and why I created this course.

And let me tell you, it's because my business mission is to help women write to sound like them so you stand out and don't blend in. 

About Your Teacher (me)

Here you'll learn about me (Gemma) and why I created this course before we begin. 


The Art of Copywriting, or is It?

Here you'll discover the hidden truth about copywriting.

Because I reveal all.

Learn what it is, how it’s different from other forms of writing.

And get an introduction of how to use words to sell. And why it's vital for your online business today.

Discover How to Unleash Your Brand Voice

Believe it or not, writing to sound like you is the key brilliant copywriting. And that's why we start here. 

You'll learn 5 steps which take you on a path to discovering your brand voice.

So you’ll write to sound like you and keep it consistent across all the words you write.

Creating a point of difference for your business and making your voice unique to you.

This module gives you instant confidence to start all your copy moving forward. 

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4 Lessons

It's All About Your Client

Here you'll step through the foundations of what you need to know before you can write words which work.

What're the foundations?

Your client because you can’t write copy unless you deeply understand your target audience.

And further you'll create one specific client to speak to, which means easier copywriting already. 

Why You Need To Understand Your Clients

Here you'll step through the foundations of what you need to know before you can write words which work.

Because you can’t write copy unless you deeply understand your target audience. Because it's the key to connecting with your humans. 

Easily Nail Your Research

It's time to stop your research overwhelm.

Because you'll learn basic yet more comprehensive methods to do the research on your humans.

With simple step-by-step ways to get info so in-depth you’ll understand how to speak to your audience.

Which makes creating copy so much easier.

Create Your Ideal Customer

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a specific customer to speak to.

And why this helps you write quicker, stops writer's block and overwhelm

How to Hook Your Customer Using Your Avatar

Learn a revolutionary method to hook your audience in by using the customer you created.

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8 Lessons

The Methods Reveal Themselves

Through this module, you’ll learn the methods, formulas and tools to use to get your copy working. 

The 7 Blocks of Brilliant Copy

These seven steps will help you structure any form of copy you’re writing.

So it's quicker to write and far more compelling to your humans.

The Foolproof P.A.S Formula

You'll learn the first of 2 copy formulas which get used time and time again because they work.

Know these and you’ll be writing audience-stopping, client-booking words faster and easier. 

The Fail-Safe A.I.D.A Formula

Learn the second copy formula which gets used time and time again because guess what? It also works.

Once you nail this, you’ll be writing attention stopping words faster and easier. 

Transform Features into Benefits With one Simple Secret

Learn how to turn the features of your product or service into benefits so appealing to your audience you’ll instantly create copy that works.


Write Concise Copy That’s Friendlier Than Your Puppy

Know in-depth about how to write clear and concise copy, so your readers stay remarkably interested and compelled to take action.


A Secret Tool for Writing Copy Faster Every Time

Get a 3 step mini tool to use for every bit of copy you’ll ever write.

So you can stop second-guessing, checking and stay on track with your copywriting.




Succinct Writing App Hack

Get friendlier, crisper copy every time with this hack who’ll become your new best business partner.

Bonus – A Nifty Trick for Getting Your Copy, Right

Here you'll discover a question to ask yourself when writing copy.

So you’ll get your words workin and appealing to your readers every time. 


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3 Lessons

Juice Up Your Words

This module is all about firing up your words to get them more persuasive and compelling for your target audience. 

How to use Persuasive Words Without Sounding Salesy

Discover the 8 most compelling, jaw-dropping, action taking words in the English language.

Plus you'll get a document with 209 power words to level-up your copy.


The Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts

Forget everything you learnt in school. Here’s what to do and not do when writing copy.



Grammar Tool to Perfect Your Copy Fast

Don’t know where a comma really goes?

Or how to spell all 170,000 (educated guess) words in the English language?

Don’t worry because this tool fixes your mistakes fast.

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3 Lessons


Free (and incredibly useful) bonus modules to nail your emails, blogs and stop procrastinating. 

How to Avoid Writer’s Block

Still, stuck writing? Here you’ll get hacks to put a stop to it and get you back on track and managing your writing time.


The Key To Writing Emails People Open, Read and Action

Learn the power of email marketing.

With tips for writing awesome emails.

And get a step-by-step of what to write in each email of a welcome sequence. So your subscribers get hooked and reeled in.



Blog Writing Made Easier

Here you'll learn how to write blogs people actually want to read.

So you can build your business authority and boost your content marketing strategy.

With a bonus template included (of course) I've got your back.