Habit Coach for Female entrepreneurs

I help female entrepreneurs break unuseful business habits

I’ll teach you the one thing no one has ever taught you about habits.
So you can do more of what you love without sacrificing your business.

I’ll teach you the one thing no one has ever taught you.

So you can take control of your time, business and life.




What would it feel like to have more time for yourself without sacrificing your business?

Because you’re so stressed out, you’re not making the money you want. 

You’re overwhelmed, so you’re giving up what you love doing.

You feel exhausted, but you keep pushing through.

These are your habits, and it is possible to change them.

When we work together and create new habits…

You’ll be able to take time off.

Find regular time for fitness and fun.

Plus, get all your business stuff done.

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I get it...

I thought working for myself would give me time back I never had.

But it didn’t.

I was in the habit of thinking if I didn’t get everything done, my business wouldn’t work.

This habit left me feeling like I could never get away from it.

Because no matter how much time I put in, I still didn’t have it all done. 

Plus, when I did step away, the mental burden and the habit of thinking about my business stayed with me. 

I couldn’t ever switch off and enjoy myself. 

Until I found a solution that worked.

I stopped resenting myself and changed bad habits into good ones that set me up for success.

Now I help other women do the same because it’s possible to change not having enough time.

And stop thinking that you’ll never get it all done.

I can help you.

Here’s what entrepreneurs think about productivity and time

I’m not just going to show you how to calendar block your time, stop procrastinating or be more productive.

Pomodoro method

Productivity strategies 

To-do lists

It all starts with your habits.

Even changing just one habit can be transformational to your life.

Here’s what I’ll teach you

Changing your habits

Challenging your thinking

Creating more time

I will teach you something no one has ever taught you 

I will show you a different way to think about time and how to move through your day.

Then I’ll support you in changing your habits using my simple 3 step process.

Ready to get back time and energy in your life?

I’ll teach you how to create positive habits that stay.

Habit Coach for Female entrepreneurs

I coach female entrepreneurs into habits for success

If you’re ready to end the habit of overwhelm, get back your time and do the things you’ve never had time to do, I can help.

I’ll teach you the one thing no one has ever taught you about how to take control of your time and your life.

 Ready to find more?

I provide strength to create the life and business you want

Sound interesting? Here's what you do next

Step 1

Schedule a time to work with me 

Step 2

Work with me to create habits that support your business goals

Step 3

Habits in place  without sacrificing the things you love
Contently Driven Coaching

I’m Gemma,

The Habit Coach for female entrepreneurs

I’m an expert on habit formation for success and getting stuff done. 

You thought being a female entrepreneur would give you the time you didn’t have in your corporate job.

But now you find yourself not having enough time to get anything done.

Plus you need to look after yourself? Yeah right!

But the truth is because you’re not taking better care of yourself…

You’re resenting your business.

Feeling overwhelmed because you have too many things to do.

You’ve lost all control over your time.

You can’t relax and sit on your ass watching Netflix because you’re worried about all the things you need to do tomorrow.

Don’t waste another minute adding more shit to your to-do list and feeling like crap about not crossing it off.

Because it is possible to take better care of yourself AND run a successful business

Let me show you how

Imagine working with me to create new business habits that affect every area of your life

Client Love

Not convinced?

Here’s what some clients say about buying my brain for coaching

I honestly can’t recommend Gemma enough. I’m the most content I’ve been in a long time and I look forward to my life knowing that I have the tools to move past anything. She taught me “negative” emotions are OK to feel and to look beyond this into what thoughts are driving this emotion. I feel like a different person now!

Natalie Brusnahan

One word to describe Gemma is genius. She knows how to create a safe space to sort through your feelings and throughs without any judgment. She helps me to experience where my own thoughts get in my way so I can make different decisions and results. 

Dr. Christina Arnold

Gemma helped me look at things in a new way. She does not tell you what to do, but rather points out how your thoughts are creating your results in your life. As a result of her coaching, I’m able to take action more quickly and confidently and not spin in indecision.

Anna Fitzgerald

Gemma has a calm way about her and immediately puts you at ease. I feel confident and ready to face any challenges that come my way. I’ve learned that confidence comes from within not from external sources. She empowered me to view my business from an entirely new perspective.

Lisa Friend

I love Gemma’s curious, and calm approach to coaching. I feel I can discuss anything with her, and it is always met with the same level of empathy. I feel safe to explore what is going on with my brain in the hands of someone highly skilled and invested in my wellbeing.

Fiona Downing

Gemma is the coach who knows my motivations, actions, desires for perfection and validation. She also knows how to coach me to find the fulfilment of life without external forces such as medals, designations, degrees, certifications or other people’s compliments.

Ashley Wolf

Still not convinced?

Ruth Testimonial

Ruth Slade
She Rocks Digital

Copy coaching sessions with Gemma are amazing. Being able to talk to her directly and have her review a piece of my writing was invaluable. I loved being able to discuss Gemma’s feedback and her suggestions on how to find my voice and inject my personality. And how a few tweaks and “cutting the crap” so to speak can make all the difference.


Natalie Brusnahan
Nat Brusnahan Consulting

Gemma helped me open up the flood gates to let all the words rattling around in my head get out and understand how simple copywriting can be. She helped me narrow down what my business is about and especially my brand voice (which I didn't even know was a thing before) I'm feeling confident and the overwhelm is gone

Rachael Barton
A-Z Business Consultants

I've had the pleasure of working with Gemma for the past year. She has a massive wealth of knowledge in copywriting and marketing. She guided me through the confusing world of SEO, gave me the tools to improve my writing, and through this afforded me better visibility and access to new customers.

Contently Driven Life Coaching

Dr. Saher Rizvi

Gemma is very kind, thoughtful and insightful coach. She focuses on whole mind body transformation. In a short period of time, she is able to switch mindset and build new beliefs. Definitely get coach with Gemma. It will be life-changing and transformative.

Contently Driven Life Coaching

Dora Nikolaou
Dora Nikolaou Marketing

Gemma has been coaching me for about 8 months, and am so happy with where it’s taken me. She’s taught me so much, and I see things differently now. It’s been a pleasure, am feeling more confident, making informed decisions and taking action. Thanks Gemma, you really are amazing.

Contently Driven Coaching

Mikala Grosse
Inspired Office

Gemma has helped me to sort through the drama in my head, to see situations clearly for what they are and to determine the best approach for the outcome I want to have. If you want to understand how your mind works and get clear on how to get the best out of yourself and others - coach with Gemma!

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