Helping you create
meaningful copy that
shows who you are.

So your business stands out.

And connects you with the right clients.

Helping you create
meaningful copy that
shows who you are

Hi, I'm Gemma

Copywriter and life coach for female business owners

Why blend in when you can stand out?

You don’t want that because your business won’t grow.

Which means you’re ready to cut the crap and write words that work.

 Are you a rambler?

Then you’re my kind of human. Because I can talk to the cows come home. 

But guess what? I don’t write words like that. 

The copy I write is concise, to the point and works. 

Find you blabber in your copy and don’t get to the point?


Believe it or not, you’re drastically losing clients because they’re short on time.

I’m here to work with you. So you lose the unnecessary and create memorable words that work.

No matter your business you’ll create words that work for you. 

And these words are?

Words that sell, connect with your humans and grow your business. 

Together, we can make your copy concise.

So you get to the point, grab your ideal audience and lure them into your world. 

Ready to stop wasting time by staying in overwhelm and write copy that works?

I get it...

You want to re-write your website. But more important things come up.

You want to connect with people on your socials, but it’s not working. 

Email marketing? Erm, you gave up on that forever ago. 

The frustration in you is growing and it’s all too much.

Did I mention overwhelming?

Enough with the waiting. 

It’s time to do it. 

Write your dream website. Connect with your humans. And write to sound like you.

Want to feel confident and inspired to easily write for your business?

So you can get on with doing what you love?

Awesome. Because my goal is to teach you how to write your copy easier, quicker and make it fun. 

Ready to work with this (me) Melbourne copywriting coach?


I’m a creative strategist who loves words. And a dedicated leopard-print enthusiast.

I have a strategic mind, a robust grip on words and the natural ability to fix things.

My business mission is to help more women get their story heard. And level-up their business through fearless marketing to attract and retain their ideal clients.

I’m an individual who always felt a little different with a unique perspective on the world at large. So individuality is an ingrained value of mine.

I discard the paths to nowhere and always strike forward. Choosing adventure always.

I’m fascinated by ideas and love to solve problems. So I create purpose-driven strategies and copy which releases the true you.

Why a copywriting coach?
for YOUR business

Any of the below sound familiar?

If you’re like everyone ever, then it’s challenging to write about yourself. Which is why the above sounds familiar.
But guess what?
It’s easy. No one’s taught you how yet. 
Want to save time, hassle and the overwhelm of trying to squeeze all the info out of your brain?
So your copy becomes clear, compelling and friendly words that sound like you.
Well, then I’m the Melbourne copywriter coach for you.

Copy Coaching Services

Done with dull and ready for head-turning? Here’s what I help you with…

Free Your Voice

Ready to uncover your brand voice? So you scream you in your copy. Which means your ideal clients will flock to you so seagulls to a chip tray. This 1-hour coaching session will leave you suddenly confident you’ve got your brand voice nailed. So you’ll communicate with courage.

Copywriting Course

Feel confident with your copywriting and know what to write. Don't get lost in cyberspace. Make your business stand out by writing clear, compelling words in your voice. And learn fail-proof copywriting formulas to use. So you'll connect with your humans and still sound like you.

Hire My Brain

Don’t let your message get lost in internet land. It’s your time to level-up your copy so it’s as captivating as you. I’ll rewrite your website so it sounds like you. Because that's what grows your business. And transform it so it’s remarkably strategic and aligns with you and your purpose.

Website Copywriting

If your business has grown, evolved and changed, then don't let its message get left behind. It's time to level up your content, so it truly reflects you and your brand. Get remarkably crafted strategic and consistent copy which aligns with your business and entices your ideal target audience.

Facebook Ads Copywriting

Ready to catapult your biz and run Facebook ads? Stop the stress of writing the ads yourself. And instantly get ones that twist the arms of your ideal target audience. Because your ads will get them to stop scrolling and pay attention.

Email Marketing & Strategy

It’s time to get the jaw-dropping marketing results you deserve. I create non-boring, gimmie the thing marketing, which takes your business to the next level. And if you’re feeling fearless then discover the power of what email marketing can do for your biz.

Client Love

Not convinced?

Here’s what some clients say about buying my brain to learn how to create memorable copy.

Ruth Testimonial

Ruth Slade
She Rocks Digital

Copy coaching sessions with Gemma are amazing. Being able to talk to her directly and have her review a piece of my writing was invaluable. I loved being able to discuss Gemma’s feedback and her suggestions on how to find my voice and inject my personality. And how a few tweaks and “cutting the crap” so to speak can make all the difference.


Natalie Brusnahan
Nat Brusnahan Consulting

She helped me open up the flood gates to let all the words rattling around in my head get out and understand how simple copywriting can be. She helped me narrow down what my business is about and especially my brand voice (which I didn't even know was a thing before) I'm feeling confident and the overwhelm is gone

Rachael Barton
A-Z Business Consultants

I've had the pleasure of working with Gemma for the past year. She has a massive wealth of knowledge in copywriting and marketing. She guided me through the confusing world of SEO, gave me the tools to improve my writing, and through this afforded me better visibility and access to new customers.

Client Love

Not convinced yet? Don’t just take my word for it check out what my clients are saying…

Mikala Grosse - Inspired Office

Having Gemma write the copy for my website made a massive difference to my brand and business. I've always struggled to articulate what I do because it's something completely out of the box. Gemma took my jumbled information and created articulate copy magic!

Rowena Preddy - Preddy Creative

Gemma completely nailed my voice and me! My website screams me and sounds just like me. I was feeling pretty lucky working with her in the first place, but with a site like this now I feel even MORE privileged!!! She gets what I want to say and puts it in a way that works.

Rachael Barton - A-Z Business Consultants

I've had the pleasure of working with Gemma for the past year. She has a massive wealth of knowledge in copywriting and marketing. She guided me through the confusing world of SEO, gave me the tools to improve my writing, and through this afforded me better visibility and access to new customers.

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