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Hi, I'm Gemma

Why should you hire a copywriting coach?

✔  It makes writing copy easy

✔  Learn how to come up with content 

✔  You’ll stop wasting time and just get it done

Copy coaching with Gemma are amazing. Being able to talk to her directly and have her review and rewrite my copy is invaluable.
Ruth Testimonial
Ruth Slade
She Rocks Digital

Hire a copywriter coach

Copywriting Coach

As a business owner, you get it.

Your words matter.

And you want the words in your:

✔  emails to sell for you

✔  sales page to send people to you

✔  website to work FOR you

Invest in your copywriting.

That’s what copywriting does for your business.


I’ll help you transform your copy into a profit-plumping machine.

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Your copy’s got to make your ideal clients think…

‘Shut up and take my money.’ 😮

Copywriting makes your marketing more effective and helps achieve your business goals. 

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There are two ways to work with me…

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Copy Coaching

Copywriting Coaching

Writing compelling copy is easier than you think.

My process is incredibly easy to learn and simple to apply.

Your copy will be instantly irresistible to your ideal clients.

Apply now and get the results you want in your business.

Copywriting Coach

Rewrite my website

Copywriting is best done in collaboration. 

With 3 zoom calls, all you do is answer my questions. 

Then I rewrite 3 pages of your website. 

It’s the easiest way to get clients through your doors. 

Habit Coach for Female entrepreneurs

I coach female entrepreneurs into habits for success

If you’re ready to end the habit of overwhelm, get back your time and do the things you’ve never had time to do, I can help.

I’ll teach you the one thing no one has ever taught you about how to take control of your time and your life.

 Ready to find more?

Gemma's helped me transform every bit of my copy. Now it's easy for me to write effective emails that work. Without wasting the masses of time I used to from putting it off. Coach with Gemma!
Contently Driven Coaching
Mikala Grosse
Inspired Office
Your copywriting coach

I’m Gemma,

Your super fun (and incredibly smart) copywriting coach.

I’ve always been a copywriter. 

Once upon a time, I wrote newspaper ads… Remember them?

The world, especially marketing, has drastically changed a lot since then. 

But guess what hasn’t changed? 

The science of copywriting and the psychology of how it persuades human minds.

And this I know back to front and sideways. 

Which means I’ve got your words covered. 

Both strategically and creatively. 

I’ve written two books if you’re not convinced I know my shit. 

The first one is entirely about how to write an awesome website.

I also host two business podcasts. 

I not only write the write, but I talk the talk too. 

Helping people write jaw-dropping copy lights up my world. 

Each of my clients supercharge their copy which gets their stuff selling fast. 

It’s time to kick-start your copywriting too. 

I honestly can’t recommend Gemma enough. I’m the most content I’ve been in a long time and I look forward to my life knowing that I have the tools to move past anything. She taught me “negative” emotions are OK to feel and to look beyond this into what thoughts are driving this emotion. I feel like a different person now!

Natalie Brusnahan

One word to describe Gemma is genius. She knows how to create a safe space to sort through your feelings and throughs without any judgment. She helps me to experience where my own thoughts get in my way so I can make different decisions and results. 

Dr. Christina Arnold

Gemma helped me look at things in a new way. She does not tell you what to do, but rather points out how your thoughts are creating your results in your life. As a result of her coaching, I’m able to take action more quickly and confidently and not spin in indecision.

Anna Fitzgerald

Gemma has a calm way about her and immediately puts you at ease. I feel confident and ready to face any challenges that come my way. I’ve learned that confidence comes from within not from external sources. She empowered me to view my business from an entirely new perspective.

Lisa Friend

I love Gemma’s curious, and calm approach to coaching. I feel I can discuss anything with her, and it is always met with the same level of empathy. I feel safe to explore what is going on with my brain in the hands of someone highly skilled and invested in my wellbeing.

Fiona Downing

Gemma is the coach who knows my motivations, actions, desires for perfection and validation. She also knows how to coach me to find the fulfilment of life without external forces such as medals, designations, degrees, certifications or other people’s compliments.

Ashley Wolf
Gemma helped me learn how simple copywriting can be. I feel confident, the overwhelm is gone and my copy is next level awesome.
Natalie Brusnahan
Story Book Property

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