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Hey There Female Business Owners

Run out of time to achieve your best results?

Here’s how to make time to do so, quickly.

The secret is out, hire a copywriter.

Why a copywriter? Think about it, you’re reading this now so you must have thought this headline packed a punch enough to click through and see what I have to say. Do you have time to write effective conversion copy? Do you know how to capture a potential customer in 7 seconds?

No? Then let a copywriter help you. Let’s see why.


Stop wasting time trying to write paragraphs of long copy yourself

Website copy, blogs, brochures, daily or weekly emails. That’s a lot of words. Do you have an email list of people that you send out regular information to? Well, if you don’t, then you need to immediately because your competitor sure does. A copywriter knows how to make long copy relevant and persuasive. As well as being able to link the words and paragraphs together all while having a prominent call to action.

How good is that?

What does a clear call to action message mean to your business? Sales. 


Stop trying to write everything yourself

Of course, you know how to write, I’m not suggesting that you don’t. But, do you know how to do all the things I mentioned above in a short amount of time? Or will this take you forever because it’s not your strong suit? Are you equipped in writing persuasive copy that astutely highlights benefits? Copy that shrieks clear call to actions? Then don’t stress yourself out by trying to do this yourself. Focus on your critical business duties, the ones that you love, where you shine. Let a copywriter write your words so that you have the time to concentrate on your urgent business tasks.


It’s proven that your website is the modern-day shop window.

Your website is the first place a first-time customer will read about your business. A good copywriter knows how to deliver information in your customer’s voice. Tell them how your company will solve the problem they have that lead them to your website in the first place. This must be a clear and concise message, or you can lose that customer forever. Today a prospective customer forms a judgment about your business based on your website. Nothing is more important to your revenue than having this message written right.


Do you want to keep your business up to date?

A copywriter knows how to create fresh, modern content concisely. To keep your business relevant and up to date in the giant world that is the internet, you must be creating new content. You need to be fresh, or you will get lost online. But when will you find the time to write new blogs posts? Create catchy tweets and even re-purpose your website copy so that it’s relevant?

Can’t you see the time for this?

Don’t worry. That’s why we have copywriters 🙂


Get rid of all those unnecessary words once and for all

Writing brilliant words that are charming, balanced, clean and punchy can be difficult unless you know how. It is vital to have powerful words, but you must also have the message short. Your copy, your content and words must be simple and clear as well as persuasive but not salesy.

Oh my. That’s a lot of things, right? Let’s give these responsibilities to the professionals.


Get rid of small punctuation errors once and for all

Now I know that you write things, you review it ten times, but there is still a couple of errors you were unable to pick up. It’s ok, that’s normal, but a copywriter is a proofreading guru. A copywriter has eagle eyes and spots little grammar or spelling mistakes immediately. Do you remember in high school English when we learnt the rules of “adjective word form” suffixes? Those things we can use to change a noun into an adjective? No? That’s ok, copywriters remember this. Because they love words.


Want clear, concise and persuasive words to level-up your business?

You’re in business to make money and to have more freedom right?

Well then, clear, concise and persuasive words will get you, clients.

Words will generate you money. And give you the freedom you deserve.


Do you have the time to focus on creating these catchy words?

Many small business owners (probably like you) find it challenging to focus on all areas of revenue tasks. They believe they have better things to do than focus on getting the words in their content perfect.

They forget how powerful words are and what an essential part of the business process it is.


Well, that’s great news for me, hey?


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