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Embarrassed by Your Productivity Skills? Here’s What I Did

Embarrassed by Your Productivity Skills? Here's What I did

Feel you’re unproductive? Find your mind dwindling into never-never land?


This next statement may come as a shock but believe it or not, you may be productive, but you don’t realise it. 


If you’re like most female business owners, then you know productivity is critical. Because you can get more done and do more in less time. 


Which means you strive to tackle more difficult and important tasks. And once you’ve achieved this, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. 


And if you’re a driven woman like me, then this inspires you further. 


In this blog, I’m sharing with you what I discovered about productivity and how it changed my business 


Want to know about the transformation I made by discovering something about my own productivity?


Well then, I’m so glad you joined me. Because I want you to know about the following changes I made. And how it helped change my mindset and level-up my business.


Firstly, here’s what I discovered about productivity


Guess what? I’m an ideas girl. 


My mind goes every which way and comes up with unusual ideas which take my mind into a thrilling overload. I could come up with ideas all day, and my purpose and scene of accomplishment get fulfilled.


For years I believed this was a bad thing. Consequently, it distracted me from my current task. And often made my working day longer and more challenging. 


What I didn’t know was this is a strength. 


Your mind’s blown, right? I know it is because mine sure was.


I discovered the Clifton Strengths Finder. (Thanks to another amazing biz woman. Find her here.) Which uncovers your unique strengths and ranks them in order of themes. Much to my surprise there sat my third strength idealist. 


And most importantly, this changed my life. 




Because it shifted my mindset into understanding this as a natural ability. For example, I come up with excellent ideas which are a strength and not a hindrance. Which means when I’m coming up with ideas, I’m being productive and not the opposite. 


Wondering what I changed in my business?


Firstly, here’s how I increased productivity in my working hours.


When I come up with ideas, for my own business, my life or my client’s businesses, I write them down in my thoughts journal. 


Secondly, I leave it to sit there and go back to it in my allocated time per day to frolic with delight in my ideas. 


Its created a dramatic shift in the way I do business. 


Most importantly, because I grant myself time per day to do what I naturally love doing. 


For instance, taking an idea and running away with it and the white rabbit. Then stretching my brain multiples ways and creating something incredible. 


What does this mean for my clients?


My next strength is restorative. Which means I naturally like to fix things. 


So, what happened next?


I then realised my idealist strength goes hand in hand with restorative. Because not only do I come up with ideas, but I have a natural drive and push until I create a way to turn the ideas into action.


I never realised before how I jump into my client’s businesses with the ingrained purpose to create and fix. 


When I have an idea which will level-up their business I get it set up, put in place and ensure it delivers. 


So, why am I telling you about the Clifton Strengths?


Because you may discover something you think you do is negative. But it’s an absolute positive in your natural abilities. And you can shift your mindset into using your strengths how they should be getting used. 


So what happened next?


I discovered I’m too comfortable


Since I was a child, I’ve always strived for more. 


I conquer, and then I move on. Likewise, I discovered I was too comfortable in my business. Because I was doing wonders for my clients and my business, but deep down, I know I needed more. 


Did you know I’m also a teacher? Which means I love to educate and help. So I searched for other ways I can help other driven female business owners like myself succeed. 


So I created a new service, marketing coaching and strategy. And this transformed my business, and remarkably it made a purpose for me. 


Having this purpose in my business transformed my productivity levels. I know my shit, I have a lot to offer and putting these two things together pushed me outside my comfort level. 


It created a part of my business which propels me and lets me use my strengths as well. 


On top of transforming websites with copy to attract your ideal customers (which I love.) This new service gives me more. An added drive means more productivity which means achievement. 


Remember how I said I always strive for more?


Not to mention, helping other’s progress totally floats my boat. 


After all, I have a marketing degree, and I’ve been in the biz for years, but if you’re like most business owners, you haven’t.


So it’s something people need help with. 


Did you know your marketing strategy is the foundation of your business?


It’s true. Because if you don’t have your marketing sorted then how do you promote and get your business out there? 


You can’t. It’s simple. Without your marketing set in place, you can’t grow your business.



Why you should rediscover your why


You founded your business for a reason, right? A purpose?


Of course, and there can be many reasons, 


  • More time with your family
  • Work on your terms 
  • Be your own boss
  • Tavel more
  • Have more flexibility in your day 


And, the list can go on. 


But returning to my WHY and remembering it ensures I’m always heading towards the right direction. 


Guess what happened next?


I discovered something shocking. 


Many people know their end goal, but don’t know how to get there. 


And this is a mistake I see with many female business owners. 


Remember your why. Own it and chase it every day. 


Remembering your WHY gives your business an edge. A tone of voice and a connection with your target audience. Which means your business will grow.


Your why inspired you to take action. And it’ll inspire your clients towards taking action as well.


Mind blown.


It’s true. If your purpose shines through in your copy and tone of voice, it creates differentiation over your competitors. 


You know those boring ones who live in the sea of same-sameness? 


And there shall be no same-sameness here.


To sum up, 


By portraying your purpose, you’re showing the unique, real and raw you. Which instantly connects in the heartstrings of your ideal clients. 


That’s right. The ones you want to work with. And the ones who want to work with you. 


I discovered my natural talents which most people use daily and are completely unaware of it. (Hey! That was me.)


I realised I wasn’t unproductive. In fact, quite the opposite. So I changed things around in my working day to use this as an asset.


Then I shifted around the services in my business into something which more so matched my purpose and strengths. 


And finally, I reconnected with my why.


Now over to you


Have you had any lightbulb moments about why you’re not productive? Or why you think you’re not?


I want to hear any transformations or Ah-Ha moments you’ve had about productivity. 


Or how shifting your mindset has transformed your business.


Tell me here.