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The Contently Driven Podcast Episode 36

Episode #35

How to Write Friendly Copy

Think copywriting should sound formal?


When you write copy, it must be friendly and sound like you’re speaking.

Don’t know how to do this? Then listen up.

Because in this episode, you’ll learn three tips for writing copy that’s friendlier than a puppy.

You connect with new clients through your words, and humans connect with friendly conversation.

This means your copy should sound like a conversation with your best mate.

It’s a sure-fire way to convert the reader into a new client.


If you want to write copy that converts, write how you speak.

Copy is about connection, and humans connect through meaningful conversations. 

Learn 3 tips to write copy that’s friendlier than a cat waiting for dinner. 

Listen to episode 36 of The Contently Driven Podcast.

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