Helping you write memorable copy

So it sounds like you.

And connects with your clients

What if you could write copy and enjoy it?

Introducing the ultimate copywriting course for female business owners. 

If you’re done with dull and ready for mouth-watering copy you can write faster and remarkably easier, then you’re in the right place. 

Welcome to Workin Words 
"Gemma gave me the tools to improve my writing, and through this afforded me better visibility and access to new customers."
Rachael Barton
A-Z Business Consultants

Imagine writing copy...

that sounds like you without feeling overwhelmed of where to start.

Lack confidence in writing website pages, social media posts and even emails?

Ready to stop wasting so much time putting off writing your copy?

This copywriting course helps you stop hiding, doubt your writing and saves you money. 

You thought running your business would be easier. 

You’re putting everything into it and doing all the “right” things. 

But you aren’t connecting with your ideal clients. So you feel frustrated. 

Then, it comes time to schedule your social media posts and write a sales email. 

So you start to write but all you can think is “ugh.” Instead of “yeah, I know exactly what to say.” 

So then it took you half a day to get it done. 

Guess what?

This isn’t your fault, but your ideal clients see through this. 

Which means you’re not being yourself, so you lose connecting with them. 

But you’re ready, right?

To stop wasting time and connect with your ideal clients. 

Here’s the secret.

You need someone to show you how to write copy. 

And the best news?

I’m here to teach you how. Plus support you along the way to make sure you follow through.

And what’s even better is that copywriting it’s simple. 

And once you know how your writing becomes easier. And you’ll be more confident. 

Plus you’ll save money and time working with a copywriter for every word written in your business. 

You know it’s your time to step up.

Are you with me?

Natalie Brusnahan

Natalie Brusnahan Founder, Natalie Brusnahan Consulting

Gemma has such a wealth of knowledge and has put it simply into a course that’s simple and easy to understand.

It’s broken down well, isn’t overwhelming and I feel so calm and happy when I think of writing copy now.

I feel like I now know how to write to my target audience, while still sounding like me and connecting with them on an emotional level.

Could not be happier! Topped off with the coaching call, I can’t even tell you how happy I am because it’s absolutely worth the investment and it simplifies copy making it easy to write.

I cannot recommend Gemma and this course enough!

Nat xxx

Ruth Testimonial

Ruth Slade Owner, She Rocks Digital

Gemma’s knowledge, expertise and love for sharing her knowledge in an easy to digest manner definitely shines through. Her extra tips and advice during the videos and in the downloadables were fabulous.

I specifically loved how Gemma related what she was teaching into real life situations and copy and explained the whys, etc was invaluable.

Undertaking Gemma’s course has helped me find my spark for my businesses copy and messaging again. It’s also helped motivate me to finally revamp my website in particular which has been on the “gunna” list for a while now (hallelujah).

Gemma’s approach to coaching is so empowering and uplifting. She really empowered me to be me in my website copy. Such a simple thing but not something I’ve not allowed myself to truly do before.

Ruth x

Workin Words

Here’s what you get inside

Copywriting Course








Modules that get your words working

module 1

The art of copywriting, or is it? 

Here you’ll get to meet me and what I’m all about. 

And discover the hidden truth about copywriting.

Learn what it is, how it’s different from other forms of writing. And get an introduction of how to structure and discover how to use words to sell.

Next, you’ll learn 5 steps which take you on a path to discovering your brand voice. So you’ll be able to communicate sounding like you and keep it consistent across all the words you write. 

By the end of this module, you’ll know

  • How to write to sound like you

  • Introduction to using words that sell

  • The confidence to get started writing copy easily

Copywriting Course Melbourne

Module 2

Copywriting course in Melbourne

It’s all about the client

If you’re writing copy then your first step is writing for your clients. It may sound simple but it’s easy to get caught up writing about yourself and your business. But remember you know your clients problems but you need to communicate this to them. 


The best news is, writing for your clients doesn’t have to be hard. So we’re going to dive into all bits and pieces about connecting with your ideal client. 

By the end of this module you’ll learn, 

  • How to speak to one person
  • How to conduct simple client research without the overwhelm
  • How to create a specific customer which helps to write quicker
  • Learn a revolutionary method to hook your audience in by using the customer you created.

Module 3

The methods reveal themselves

Throughout this module you’ll learn the methods, formulas and tools to use to get your copy working.

By the end of this module you’ll know

  • The 7 blocks of brilliant copy so you’re writing faster and more compelling for your audience
  • 2 copy formulas which get used time and time again because they work
  • How to sell your solution and turn it’s features into benefits
  • Discover how to write copy that’s friendlier than your puppy so your reader gets compelled to take action
  • A secret tool that you can use for every bit of copy you’ll ever write that stops you second guessing
  • A succinct writing hack to write crisper copy ever time

Bonus Lesson

A nifty trick for getting your copy, right

Here you’ll discover a question to ask yourself when writing copy. So you’ll get your words working and appealing to your readers every time.

Melbourne copywriting course

module 4

Course for copywriting

Juice up your words

This module is all about firing up your words to get them more persuasive, compelling and connecting with your ideal clients. 

By the end you’ll know

  • How to use persuasive words without sounding sleazy and salesy


  • The do’s and don’ts of copywriting. With minor changes to your writing that makes massive differences


  • How to use a grammar tool to perfect your copy fast

Bonus Modules

Free (and super useful) copywriting tools for your business

Time Management
copywriting course for time management

Sometimes you’ll get stuck writing. It’s totally normal, which is why I created this bonus module for you.

Here you’ll get hacks to put a stop to it and get you back on track. Plus learn how to manage your writing time.

Email Marketing
Copywriting course for emails

Here you’ll learn the power of email marketing. With tips for writing awesome emails plus you get a step-by-step of what to write in each email of a welcome sequence.

So your subscribers get hooked and reeled in.

Blog Writing
copywriting course for blog writing

I created this module for you because I want to bring back the fun into blog writing.

Learn how to build up your business authority with blogs people want to read.

Plus, a bonus template included.

There’s an extra $117 bonus value included 
"Gemma knows her stuff and has forever changed my writing for the better"
Angela Lumicisi
Discover Your True Voice

Here's some Real Life Testimonials


Ruth Slade – She Rocks Digital 


Natalie Brusnahan – Nat Brusnahan Consulting

Worried you won’t have the time?

Think about your time lost in trying to write copy and not getting it right. 

As well as the time wasted in not getting the results you want out of your words.

Because writing copy isn’t hard, no one’s actually taught you how to make it easy. 

This course content is broken down into 20 minute (and that’s the longest one) videos.

And you’ll get step-by-step instructions and methods, tips and hacks to put in place instantly. 

So this is it… 

Are you ready to create more time in your business by learning how to write words that work? 

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to get your copy working as hard as you do in your business. 


Working Words Copywriting Course

$749 AUD
  • Video Classes
  • PDF Downloads
  • Free Facebook Group
  • Fortnightly Q&A's in FB group for your first 8 weeks
  • Bonus Templates
  • Bonus Modules ($117 Value)


When you join the workin words copywritng course, you all get the templates from Contently Driven’s Shop for free.

Cracking The Website Copywriting Secrets


There are so many website words, jargon and things to understand. 

I totally get it, and it’s easy to make mistakes when writing and layout out your website.

But imagine if you could write website copy like the experts. Well, believe it not you can.

I’ve bundled together my best 5 website copywriting tools so you can power-up your website.

From learning the jargon, knowing SEO through to copy structure you’ll be a website copywriting master.


Your about page matters. And it’s the second most visited page on your website. 

It’s because once your website visitor decides you’ve got what they want, they then check to see if it’s you they want to buy.

This means your about page is a sales page. And it works as a sales tool for you.

In this template, you’ll learn how to harness the power of creating the ultimate sales page for your business.

And of course, write your about page so it sounds like you. 

About Page Copywriting Template
Unleash Your Brand Voice Template


Having a brand voice is the most compelling things you can do for your business.

Because you make it human, unique and recognisable.

It’s how you stand out from your competition because your voice is what makes you unique.

Don’t waste any more time to uncover your brand voice. So you can write to sound like you.

And make it easier, quicker and keep it consistent every time.

Copywriting Course.4

Meet me,


Copywriter coach , Business Coach and leopard print lover


I help women like you who want to create meaningful copy but struggle getting started.

Unlike other copywriters, I’m also a coach.

This means I’ll uncover your values, unique voice and empower you to write words true to you. 

So you’ll create compelling copy that connects you with the right clients.

I’ve got a few degrees under my jeans. 

So if I tell you you’re in good hands, I mean it. 

Heck, you’re in good feet as well. 

But most importantly, I want you to have fun along the way too.

So let’s do this together.

Are you in?


Women who have their own business, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Which can be product or service businesses. Those who are looking at writing some of their copy, all of it. Or learn what copywriting is and how it works, so you know what to expect when working with a copywriter.

For your first 3 months of your course (you get one year access on the platform), you’ll have the other members together in a Facebook group. So you can communicate there, help each other and ask questions. I’ll also be popping in there with hints, tips, giving feedback and saying hi. So you know you’re not alone when it comes to this course.

My suggestion is yes. To follow it from the start as the modules are designed in order and a progression of understanding certain things before you write and do others.

The videos are broken down into short learnings. Module one is an introduction to the course, me and copywriting so you can dive straight into module 2. If you look at completing one module (module 1 and 2 together), then you’ll take 4 weeks. If you look at splitting them over two weeks, then you can commit your time over 8 weeks to complete. And you still have one more month of feedback time from me.

This course is to give you methods and formulas you can use to write words yourself. Or, understand them when you work with a copywriter. 

It’s not designed to be a “get rich quick” course. It’s to learn copywriting so you can transform the words you have, or create new ones in a more concise, compelling way. A way which gets used to persuade people into making an action. To nudge them in the right direction to probably do it. And not everyone will. That action being anything from buying, downloading, subscribing or connecting to something.