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How to show up online. Got what it takes?

How to show up online

Learn how to show up online with courage in your business (and life) and be visible.


Apply these 5 secret tools immediately.


Why? Because if you know how to show up online then being visible remarkably levels up your business.


As people will see you, know what you’re about and develop trust with you.


I bet you think you do this, but it’s not working.


Well, I’m here to tell you how to make it work.


So please stay with me.


Remember when I spoke about imposter syndrome (here)?


Well, I’ve gotten to some thinking (as I do) and made a discovery.


You could be self-rejecting.


Feel you often stop yourself before you’ve even done anything?


It’s ok if you do because you’re not alone.


It’s called rejecting yourself before you’ve even begun.


Which means you’re also doing it in your business.


Ok, what the heck do I mean?


Well, do you think people won’t like your photo?


So you don’t post it?


You’re rejecting yourself.


How do you fix this?


Post in anyway


Got something to say but you don’t think people will listen?


You’re telling yourself people won’t listen.


You’re rejecting yourself.


So, say it anyway.


If you’re like most female business owners, then you can struggle to be yourself.


You may think you need to act a certain way, and it’s the reason why you feel you shouldn’t do things.


But not showing up for yourself means you’re rejecting yourself.


Which means others will too.


Let’s stop this now.


One step at a time.


It’s a challenging concept to think about being self-rejecting, but I want you to delve into it.


Because once you stop self-rejecting, you’ll be showing up online without fail.


First of all, let’s look at the word fear.


What does it mean to you?


The dictionary says, “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.”


Wait a minute, danger or harm?


I bet you’re thinking there’s nothing dangerous about posting online and nothing will hurt me.


Guess what?


You’re dam right, lady. Nothing is dangerous, and nothing will harm you.


But let’s take a look at pain.


If you start to feel an emotion, it causes your body to react.


Your body then creates a vibration which we associate as painful if it’s a bad emotion.


So then, you go to show-up online, does any of the below sound familiar to you?


  • Someone will say something nasty
  • I’ll make a mistake
  • People won’t like me
  • If I’m online all the time then I’ll seem pushy
  • Urgh. Like who the hell will care what I say?


If you can relate to any of the above, then you’re all up in the emotion of fear because


– You’re scared someone will say something horrible to you


– You don’t want to make a mistake because you’ll feel embarrassed


– How can you do something when people don’t like you?


-And you’re overwhelmed by the terror people won’t care what you have to say.


Where am I going with this?


All the above means you’re rejecting yourself.


Because you’re already telling yourself, you’ll make a mistake.


And someone will be mean to you or no one gives 2 hoots about what you’ve got to say.


If you’re thinking this, you’re rejecting yourself.


And all this does is plague you living in fear and not stepping up online with courage.


So here’re how to overcome self-rejection and show up online


Don’t do it

Yep, you guessed it. Don’t do it.


Easier said than done?


Well, yes, but it takes practice.


And the more you show up and the more you do it, guess what?


The easier it becomes.


1. Welcome the judgment


Here’s the thing.


Worried people will judge you?


And they will.


How about you change your thinking to, “yes, people are noticing me.”


As this means you’re getting out there, right?


And don’t forget, it’s always easier for people to say something mean than something pleasant.


So grab those hateful comments by the balls and shout, “people are noticing me, I’m stepping up and showing up online”.




2. Own your mistakes


You did a Facebook live and made a mistake?


Who the hell cares? Like no one ever.


Own your mistake, chuckle about it because you’re human. And no one’s perfect and of course you’ll make a mistake.


So own it, love it and move on.


3. Embrace the haters


Starting to get some hate messages so you know people don’t like you?


Friken awesome! Bring that shit on.


Because again, you’re out there, you’re online, and people see you.


So, let them hate you. Haters be haters. So let them hate.


If they make a public nasty comment or review, then write back with a lovely response and move on.


Suppose it gets too much?


Block them. And get them out of your life, feed and interwebs.


Bid them farewell and know you’re killing it.


4. Feel the fear


Here’s how to conjure the courage


The fantastic Leanne Shelton said to me the other day while we were podcasting,


“Feel the fear and do it anyway”.


Argh. Yes, lady. What a brilliant quote.


So, if you’re scared and you’re feeling the fear. Do it anyway.


And I mean with everything.


Frightened to write something online?


Fell your fear and do it.


Terrified people won’t like you?


Feel your fear and show up online anyway.


And the more you do this then, the easier it will become.


5. Persistence gets results


Within a year, you’ll have some lovely messages from people.


You’ll get emails from others wanting to work with you.


Which means feeling and facing your fear has become a tool.


So, you’ll grow your business and evolve into a stronger person.


How do I know this?


Yep. You guessed it again because it happened to me.


I hang around on LinkedIn a fair bit because it’s where I find my peeps, and of course, I began getting haters hating.


A few people would argue against anything I was saying, and I loved it.


Keep reading. I don’t want to lose you.


Firstly, hello algorithm and LinkedIn was pushing my posts out to the internet land.


Because of the heaps of comments. (Thanks haters.)


Secondly, they cared about what I was saying because they took the time to hate on it.


Thirdly, it filled my soul.


Why? Because I got to debate, reply and interact.


And it was fab, plus I embraced it.


But when one got too much and was a troll, I blocked her and moved on.


Hey, that’s the first time in over a year I’ve even through about her.


Do you see the power in doing that?


You could be falling back into imposter syndrome, and your brain goes to places like you


  • Suck
  • Don’t know what you’re talking about
  • You’re not good enough
  • Can’t do this
  • Failed your year 8 maths exam
  • Didn’t visit your grandma enough
  • Stole a free lip-gloss of the front of a magazine when you were 6


Sound dark?


Nope. It’s your brain.


And I know your brain does this because you’re human which means mine does too.


So, can you see the power of facing your fear and doing it anyway?


Block that person. Embrace the hate, and your brain won’t go to these dark places.


Because feeling fear and allowing it to take over lets your brain go to all the times you felt the same shit feeling.


To that time, you were 11. Remember when you got an A in creative writing, and your mum said it’s not an A-plus, so it’s not good enough?


Oops. No, that was me.


But back to you.


Don’t let your brain do it.


Step-up with courage, show up online and watch your business burst.


In summary,


Here’s how to not self-reject,


-Don’t do it

-Welcome the judgment

-Embrace the haters

-Own your mistakes

-Feel the fear

-Persists for results


Now it’s over to you,


What do you think?


Do you let your brain take you back to all the times you felt shit?


So you don’t step up and be visible online? (Tell me here)


Conjure the course girl. You know how to show up online. You’ve got this.


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